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    Best time to visit Yuksom

    Best time to visit Yuksom

    Yuksom is a scenic town in Sikkim’s north-eastern region. It is commonly referred to be Sikkim’s antique capital. Yuksom refers to a gathering of three erudite clerics. It is the location where three erudite monks from Tibet visited in the past. This amazing metropolis was founded in 1642 AD by the first religious ruler of Sikkim as the state’s capital. Mt. Kabur, Mt. Jopuno, and Mt. Narsing are all visible from the town. Near this town, there are various historic sites, each with its own distinct beauty. It is the starting point for the Khangchendzonga trek, Sikkim’s most famous trek.

    Yuksom During the Winter (December To February)

    Yuksom becomes extremely cold in the winter, with temperatures reaching – degrees at times. In the winter, the temperature seldom rises beyond 15 degrees Celsius. This is the time of year when you may see snow-capped mountains in all their glory. Don’t forget to bring heavy woollens with you.

    Yuksom In the summer (March To May)

    Yuksom’s weather is nice even in the summer because the temperature rarely exceeds 10 degrees Celsius. It’s the ideal time to go exploring and take in the scenery, which includes mountains and waterfalls. Summer is also the greatest time to enjoy outdoor activities in Yuksom. It’s the ideal place to get away from the city’s oppressive heat.

    Yuksom’s Monsoons (June To September)

    Due to heavy rain, outdoor activities in Yuksom have been curtailed with the arrival of monsoon. The walkways and rocks become slick, making it difficult to get from one location to another. If you want to get the most out of your vacation to Yuksom, avoid going during the monsoon season.

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