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    Things to do in Bhutan

    Hike to Hanging Tiger’s Nest in Paro

    The Tiger’s Nest, or Paro Takstang, is without a doubt one of Bhutan’s most fascinating destinations to visit! A trip to this enchanting monastery, which sits beautifully on a stunning cliff in the Paro Valley, is one of the must-do activities in Bhutan.

    Guru Rinpoche is said to have flown down to this location on the back of a tigress and defeated a local monster, according to legend. Locals also claim to have seen a tigress in the area, thus the name. A two-hour exciting hike is required to reach the monastery. Though horses may be hired to finish the route, hiking to Tiger’s Nest has traditionally been one of Bhutan’s most popular activities!

    Seek Happiness at Punakha Dzong in Punakha

    Despite the fact that dzongs (or fort monasteries) are widespread in Bhutan, the Punakha Dzong is regarded as the most fascinating! A visit to this sacred fort monastery, affectionately known as the ‘Palace of Great Happiness,’ should not be missed while visiting the Land of Thunder Dragons.

    This sacred location, which is located in Punakha at the junction of the Po and Mo rivers, is also noted for its architectural splendour. This dzong, which is adorned with elaborate paintings, flawless wood carvings, and murals representing the life of Lord Buddha, is defended by massive white-washed walls and surrounded by lush greeneries.

    Be a Bhutanese Warrior; Try Archery

    Bhutan’s national sport, archery, has a long history with the country. It is a game that practically every Bhutanese participates in! Locals may be found practising with bow and arrows nearly anywhere in this charming Happy Kingdom, whether as a competition or out of sportsmanship.

    If you’re planning a journey to this magical land, you should try your hand at archery using traditional bamboo-made bows and arrows. Whether you believe it or not, archery is regarded by the Bhutanese as a test of masculinity. So, the next time you’re in Bhutan, enjoy in this fantastic activity while sipping traditional alcohols like a Bhutanese!

    Pump in Some Adrenalines While Rafting

    If thrills and excitement are on your mind when you think about Bhutan, rafting on the rushing waters of the Mo Chhu and Po Chhu rivers is a must-do. Despite the fact that the rapids are not very challenging; they are of a moderate degree, both of these rivers are excellent rafting sites for novices and average rafters.

    While the Po Chu River has a 16-kilometer rafting section, the Mo Chuu River has a 10-kilometer stretch. You’ll also get to appreciate the breath-taking beauty of the surrounds as well as stunning interactions with a variety of avifauna while tackling the rapids of these rivers. Rafting is quickly becoming a popular activity in Bhutan, and it is quickly becoming known as one of the best things to do there.

    Join a Yeti Search Operation in Trashigang

    Many stories and legends surround the Land of Thunder Dragons. ‘Yeti’ or ‘Migoi’ is a cult in these folklores (as known in Bhutanese language). Despite the fact that specialists and researchers believe Yetis do not exist, Bhutanese culture presents these near-mythological animals in a variety of ways. Yeti sightings have been reported by locals on various occasions over the years.

    Whether or whether you are fortunate enough to see a Yeti, you may always participate in a Yeti search operation at Bhutan’s Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary in the Trashigang District. This protected reserve, hidden from the outside world, was created to preserve these fabled animals.

    Get Swayed at Tsechu Festival in Paro

    Local Bhutanese gather around the nation on the tenth day of the Tibetan lunar month to celebrate the much-anticipated Tsechu Festival. This is the time of year when residents dress up in traditional garb and celebrate this heartwarming celebration to the fullest. They frequently meet together with their friends and family to pay them visits, eat with them, and dance with them in ceremonial dances.

    The Tsechu Festival in Paro is regarded as the most bright and joyful of all the Tsechu Festivals. You may even coordinate your dances with the local ‘Cham’ dancers, who wear hand-made masks that commonly resemble terrifying figures, when visiting the Paro Tsechu. Discover how the dancers transmit diverse ideas through their loud dance and participate in this peculiar Bhutan activity.

    Enjoy Bhutan’s Surreal Beauty While Kayaking

    Kayaking is a call to people who want to uncover the mysterious beauty of Bhutanese water while rowing softly across it. This thrilling sport, which is one of the most popular and enjoyable things to do in Bhutan, takes thrill seekers across mild seas while providing multiple opportunities to observe the pristine splendour of the Last Himalayan Kingdom.

    Destinations such as Paro Valley, Punakha Valley, and Trongsa may be visited to experience this Bhutan activity. During the months of March-April and October-November, when the Himalayan glaciers begin to melt, these areas enjoy an abundance of water. As a result, these sites are great for kayaking in Bhutan.

    Visit the incredible Temple of Divine Madman in Sopsokha

    You must visit the hallowed Temple of Divine Madman in Sopsokha hamlet if you are looking for some offbeat things to do in Bhutan. If you’re wondering what makes this temple so unique, you should know that it is dedicated to Drukpa Kunley. This monk, who is well-known, declared his genitals to be the “divine thunderbolt,” and even villagers think that worshipping his genital brings fertility.

    The cottages in Sopsokha village, on the approach to this remarkable shrine, will undoubtedly catch your eye! Houses here, unlike in other areas, have a large phallus (erected genitals) painted on their outside walls.

    Pay respect to Martyred Soldiers While Cycling Around Dochu La Pass

    Bhutan, nestled between the peaks of the Eastern Himalayas, is an ideal riding destination. Its challenging hikes, interesting descents, thrilling bends, picturesque plains, and intricate vistas combine fantastic riding opportunities. Wanderlusts who want to partake in the majority of Bhutan’s captivating activities might join these bicycle trips and explore the raw beauty of the Last Himalayan Kingdom.

    To get the most out of cycling in Bhutan, head towards the Dochu La Pass in the Punakha Valley. Cycling through this pass, which is located at an elevation of 3,100 metres, takes bikers to the 108 Chortens (or shrines) created to remember the martyr troops.

    Sit, relax and chill in the Hot Springs of Koma, Punakha

    Bhutan, the Land of Thunder Dragons, is full of hidden gems, including the Koma Tsachu (or Koma Hot Springs). Visitors to Bhutan frequently visit these natural hot springs to unwind and rejuvenate in Mother Nature’s lap!

    These hot springs, which are located in the Punakha Valley’s secluded town of Koma, are also said to have magical healing abilities. Several skin illnesses, joint troubles, headaches, and other common ailments are said to be cured by the spring water. Make a point of visiting Punakha Valley and embarking on a tour to Koma Village the next time you’re in Bhutan, where you may experience one of the most soothing Bhutan activities!

    Go Trekking and Challenge the Himalayas

    Bhutan is a trekker’s heaven, nestled among the magnificent peaks of the tremendous Himalayas! This Himalayan Kingdom provides some of the most admired and adrenaline boosting treks in the world, whether you’re a novice or an experienced!

    The Jhomolhari Trek, which meanders through Jigme Dorji National Park and eventually brings hikers closer to the famous Jhomolhari Peak, is available to avid trekkers visiting Bhutan (7,314m). The daunting Bumthan Cultural Trek, which provides moderate difficulty while going through gorgeous villages, sacred monasteries, and countless temples, is recommended for trekkers looking for moderate level activities to do in Bhutan. The Gangte Hike, which is classed as an easy trek, is suitable for novices.

    Meet the Mythical Takins in Thimphu

    Do you know what Bhutan’s national animal is? Takin is a legendary creature said to have been created by a Tibetan monk named Drukpa Kunley. These herbivore creatures, which have a head that resembles that of a goat and a body that resembles that of a cow, are revered as sacred animals across the country.

    If you’re in Thimphu, pay a visit to the Motithang Takin Preserve, which has been designated as a preserving ground for this strange creature. This protected area, which spans 8.4 acres, is home to a collective population of Sambar and Barking Deer, as well as pristine greenery.

    Experience Rural Life from a Close Hand

    Bhutan, a country regarded for being one of the happiest in the world, thrives on its happiness rating. And when visiting this nation, one must see and experience how this Himalayan Kingdom manages to be so joyful, why its people are so kind, and why Mother Nature has been so good to it!

    To see and experience this, travellers should travel to Bhutan’s rural villages and spend time with the residents. The isolated Bhutanese hamlets, unlike most metropolitan regions, are recognised for preserving their old customs. The people of these communities are noted for their kindness, humility, warm welcome, and inspiring gestures

    Ride across Bhutan in Full Throttle

    Riding across Bhutan’s rocky terrain has its own following! The country’s interesting hills and steep summits, lovely valleys and bubbling rivers, religious monuments, and rural towns combine for an unforgettable bicycling experience virtually all year.

    Biker from all over the world come this picturesque nation in the autumn and spring (October to December and March to April) to explore its secret nooks on two wheels. If your veins bleed petrol or you get pumped up while riding a mean machine, you must visit Bhutan and take a motorbike tour across this charming Himalayan Kingdom to discover its undulated beauty and charm on wheels!

    Get Customised Postal Stamp that Works

    Sending a postcard to your loved ones is a great idea. Oh, but postcards are virtually obsolete today, aren’t they? But, instead, how about mailing a postcard with your photo on the stamp? What’s more, what if your personalised postal stamp is fully functional?

    If you happen to be in Thimphu, you may partake in one of Bhutan’s most bizarre activities! A fully functional personalised stamp may be printed for as little as Nu200-300. Isn’t it incredible? Plan your vacation to Bhutan immediately to receive your personalised stamp and amaze the rest of the world!

    Be a Nomad in Bhutan’s Highest Settlement

    By living with the nomads in Bhutan, you may enjoy a variety of fascinating activities to do in the Happiest Himalayan Kingdom! Laya is the highest village in the nation, perched at 3,800 metres above sea level. Highlanders from all across the nation gather here on occasion to promote their cultural values, expertise, customs, and talents.

    Spend time with the nomads in this section of Bhutan and you’ll be taken back to a period when civilisation coexisted peacefully with Mother Nature! Aside from that, you’ll get the opportunity to learn more about yak farming and take part in fun and exciting events like as horse races, traditional art and culture, dog exhibits, cultural music and dance forms, and more.

    Go for Game Fishing in Bhutan

    If you enjoy game fishing, Bhutan is the ideal destination for you to go deep into the sport! The land is surrounded by high glacial peaks and gets a lot of glacial water, making it a great place to go game fishing. You can always find great fishing spots in our Happy Kingdom, whether they are little rivulets or babbling rivers.

    The Paro Valley, Lhuentse Region, Bumthang Valley, and Thimphu Valley are popular destinations for game fishing enthusiasts who want to show off their talents and tactics. In Bhutan’s glacial reservoirs, snow trout and brown trout are two of the most prevalent species. Visitors must, however, obtain formal authorization from the government in order to join in this fascinating pastime.

    Conquer the Rocks in Thimphu

    Rock climbing is unquestionably one of those enthralling activities that you will not want to leave off your list of fascinating things to do in Bhutan! This gorgeous land is home to huge stone formations and is naturally graced with the tremendous Himalayas. The ‘Nose,’ ‘Wedding Present,’ and ‘Preach’ are the most popular of these rock formations.

    Visit Bhutan’s capital, don your safety gear, and go on these colossal cliffs! Rock climbing in the Land of Thunder Dragons will not only provide you with more fun and excitement, but it will also provide you with several opportunity to marvel at the wonderful beauty of the surrounding Himalayan peaks and other snow-capped mountains.

    Embrace Traditional Arts and Crafts

    Bhutanese art and culture have always been important! The nation is today renowned as one of the few places in the world where 13 distinct types of arts and crafts have been preserved. In reality, the country has a number of traditional learning centres that provide instruction to local kids in order for them to master these art forms and pass on their knowledge to future generations.

    Vacation these training institutes during your visit to Bhutan to discover more about the country’s traditional art forms and how they have been preserved for centuries. In these learning centres, you may also buy souvenirs, engage in cultural exchange programmes, and acquire new art skills.

    Shop the Local Way in Weekend Markets

    Weekend market shopping is probably one of the finest methods to get a closer look into Bhutanese life! Almost every city and village in the country has a weekend market, where inhabitants gather on weekends to barter local items, artefacts, and life necessities, among other things.

    These markets are also a hub for both odd and traditional Bhutanese purchases. Incense sticks, Swiss cheese, pink camphor, betel nuts, fresh vegetables, local handicrafts, souvenirs, and much more are just a few of the items available.

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