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    Things to do in Yuksom

    Let Nature speak…

    Yuksom, which means “three lamas’ meeting place,” is Sikkim’s historical capital, founded in 1642 AD. It is regarded as a sacred site by Buddhists. Yuksom is now a residential town, bustling with a bazaar of small roadside businesses selling a variety of family unit items, multiple bistros, and friendly locals. It’s a wonderful haven tucked away in the woods. Yuksom has a lot to offer in terms of exploration and adventure.

    Take part in Goecha La Trek

    This Goecha La walk, located in Sikkim’s region, is one of the most interesting treks. This excursion is a must-do for all adventurers. This hike also opens up access to the magnificent Kanchenjunga National Park. During this walk in Sikkim, you will be able to see hazy valleys, snow-capped mountain crests, lakes, and brilliant streams.

    An evening stroll at Norbugang Park

    The lovely park, which is adorned with petition hails, includes a little shrine, a massive supplication wheel, a chorten containing earth from every corner of Sikkim, and the clearly unique four-situate Coronation Throne. The stone throne, which remains beneath a massive cryptomeria pine, resembles an old Olympic platform. Norbugang Park is 1.2 kilometres from the main market and 600 metres from the main route that leads to Kathok Lake, where sacred water was taken to bless the chogyal during his crowning ceremony.

    Submit your prayers at Dubdi Gompa

    This minimalist, tranquil gompa is wonderfully positioned amid managed greenhouses high on the ridge above Yuksom, with morning views of white crests between towering green folds of wooded lower areas. Dubdi is considered to be Sikkim’s most seasoned functional religious community, having been built in 1647 in honour of Lhatsun Chenpo, yet various signage oddly misdate it to 1701.

    The current edifice was erected in 1723 and was largely rebuilt following the 2011 earthquake. The entrance is 400 metres off Tsong Street along an overgrown stone trail that starts approximately 3 kilometres from Yuksom if you drive; it’s just 1.2 kilometres if you take the staircase from upper Yuksom. You will pass through some lovely scenery on your journey to this monastery. Spend time taking stunning photographs.

    Indulge in delicious ‘Sikkimese’ delicacies at Mama’s Kitchen

    You will get the opportunity to sample the true flavours of Sikkim in this kitchen. Here, an appealing cheerful host provides delectable Sikkimese home cooking, as well as crisp cookies, wipe cake, and even bowls of creamy spaghetti. It’s a teeny-tiny cafe with only one room. Pre-book a seat here since this location is regularly visited. It’s a half-timbered neighbourhood building hidden 50 metres down the route to Mangsabung or Chung, which is next to Yak Hotel (near the Yangrigang Hotel).

    Enjoy the breath-taking view at Tashi Tenka

    Yuksom was originally Sikkim’s capital. Tashi Tenka, a regal royal home complex on the outskirts of town at the time, situated on an edge to the south. It was once a magnificent palace, but today, all that is left is a bare plot of land. But it’s the view from here that’s truly spectacular. To get here, go towards Pelling for about five minutes and then follow the steep stairs up via a cultivation site near the school football pitch for another ten minutes. Here you may get a great glimpse of the majestic Himalayas.

    Click amazing photographs at Kanchenjunga falls

    Near the street are a few of waterfalls, as well as a slew of snack stores and a short but steep zip-line. You will need to purchase a ticket to see the more beautiful, multi-layered falls. But believe me when I say that it is well worth the money since you get to view the waterfall from several perspectives. Climb the steps for spectacular views as the vista improves with each level.

    Find the missing peace at Mani Hall

    Mani Hall is located in the heart of the town. This one-of-a-kind invention is a glass-walled, sanctuary-like structure that houses 18 larger-than-normal prayer wheels in two close-pressed lines. Each is constructed of decorative, partially plated copper, and they’re weighty enough that turning them will burn some calories. Spend some time here meditating and relaxing.

    Shop till you drop at Yuksom Bazar

    This is one of Yuksom’s busiest streets. Street side stores selling local handcraft products can be found here. Although there are no brands here, the frenetic bustle that pervades the market will keep you entertained. You may also eat foods from the street here. For your loved ones, look for local handcrafted and gift products. The bazaar district can be fairly lively, with little stores on stilts where locals shop.

    A session of unwinding at Karthok Lake

    Karthok Lake is located near the Norbungang Coronation Throne. A white prayer flag surrounds this lake. You’ll see a large quantity of red or gold fish as you get closer to the lake. It is thought to be Lama Kathok Kuntu Zangpo’s spirit pool, and the people think that if you ask with a pure heart, this Lake would grant all your desires. The Lamas have feasts and celebrations at this lake every year.

    Treat your taste buds with some Yak Cheese

    Yak cheese is a popular culinary item in this region. It’s frequently used in the genuine cuisine served here. If you happen to be in Yuksom, you should try to obtain this item. Yak cheese is a little more opulent and healthy than the normal cheese we eat. Yak Cheese may be found in a number of locations across town.

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