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    Monasteries in Sikkim

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      Monasteries in Sikkim

      Sikkim is distinct! Because serenity permeates the air here and people coexist together. Legends are sung by the mountains. And among them are the ancient monasteries, which are filled with pious serenades. These Buddhist monasteries in Sikkim are exceptional not just because they are scenic and reeking of intoxicating incense, but also because of the rich history they represent.

      The bulk of these Buddhist monasteries in Sikkim are dispersed over the state’s length and breadth, all of them are located on mountains. Due to the harsh mountain climate and the test of time, the majority of these monasteries from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries still survive today.

      Pemayangtse Monastery

      Pemayangtse is located at the highest portion of western Sikkim. The name Pemayangtse, which means “Consummate Sublime Lotus,” refers to a well-known vacation spot that receives a great deal of traveller traffic all year round. This attraction is only 2 kilometres from Pelling and is reachable via short walk. Visit Sikkim during the spring and summer when the sky is clear to reveal its top qualities. Additionally, you may take in the expansive scenery and see the Himalayas’ breathtaking brilliance. The Pemayangtse Monastery offers a contemplative setting that is subtly tucked away in the forests. As you tour Sikkim’s second-oldest monastery, it offers a great location to relax and connect into the natural world.

      Rumtek Monastery

      Rumtek, one of Sikkim’s largest and most expansive monasteries, is perched on a ridge above Gangtok. In the sixteenth century, Wangchuk Dorje, the ninth Karmapa Lama, founded the monastery. It has a lovely holy area and a residence for the priests, and it was formerly known as the Dharma Chakra Centre. The monastery was founded with the intention of disseminating the Buddha’s teachings across the world. The beautiful Green Mountain surrounds the Rumtek Monastery, which is located 23 kilometres from Gangtok.

      Enchey Monastery

      The tall pine trees, the intoxicating scent of the glades covered with blossoms, and the majestic Kanchenjunga Hills give the lovers the impression that they are in the middle of a serene and fortunate situation here. 3 kilometres to the northeast of Gangtok is where this monastery is located. The Nyingmapa community of the Vajrayana branch of Buddhism has important meetings here. Lama Druptob Karpo, a well-known tantric with flying abilities, is said to have flown from Maenam Hill and established a solitude at this alluring location. Under Sidkeong Tulku’s leadership, that had been remodelled in the manner of a Chinese pagoda (1909 1910). There are 90 priests living in this monastery right now.

      Phensang Sangag Choling Monastery

      At Phensang Sangag Choling Monastery, discover the otherworldly side and take in the finest of Sikkim. Phensang Monastery, one of the largest in Sikkim and home to the most priests, is perched on a challenging slope. The third Lhatsun Jigmed Pawo founded this monastery in 1721 A.D. while he was making his way into the Northern zone. Surprisingly, the monastery caught fire in 1947, although it was quickly rebuilt about the same time. The building was damaged by torrential rain once more in 1983, but thanks to government assistance and support, the religious community was rebuilt.

      Phodong Monastery

      The Kagyupa Sect’s Phodong Monastery was founded by the fourth King Gyurmed Namgyalm and is a part of that sect. The monastery is easily accessible from Magan in Sikkim through taxis, jeeps, cars, and other modes of transportation despite its 4500-foot elevation. At now, the Phodong Monastery, which houses about 260 monks of the Kagyu lineage, is a well-known tourist attraction in Sikkim. The beautiful wall murals, artwork, and frescoes that decorate the religious community’s partitions would wow anybody.

      Tashiding Monastery

      The peaceful atmosphere and old world charm of Tashiding Monastery are ideal for visitors seeking peace and quiet. The cloister captivates the visitors with its attractive architecture and chilly backdrop of breathtaking mountain peaks. In addition to being one of Sikkim’s oldest Buddhist monasteries, it is a tourist attraction that should not be missed. This renowned monastery is trusted to atone for all the sins of individuals seeking enlightenment.

      Lachen Monastery

      Lachen Monastery, a prominent attraction in Lachen, was first constructed in 1858 AD by the Nyingma Sect of Tibetan Buddhism with the help of its 8 priests, who transformed a small hovel constructed by Lama Karchen Dorje Drak. It offers a serene environment and a hypnotic vista. The statue of Guru Padmasambhava is housed in Lachen Monastery, also known as Ngodub Choling or the Launching Gompa, which is located in a picturesque position overlooking the town. This holy place’s grounds are embellished with colourful petition banners and prayer wheels. As you enter Lachen Monastery, feel joy.

      Dubdi Monastery

      The Nyingma branch of Tibetan Buddhism’s Dubdi Monastery, also known as Yuksom Monastery, is a sacred site for Buddhists. This is one of Sikkim’s oldest monasteries, having been built in 1701 during Chogyal Namgyal’s administration, giving it a tremendous amount of authentic notoriety. You may get a glimpse of the natural beauty, which is embellished with lovely tall trees and enclosing snow-capped mountains, by taking a journey to the monastery.

      Ralang Monastery

      Ralang Monastery has a history of association with several Sikkimese religious groups. It is without a doubt an attraction that each traveller should see while in Ravangla. The first thing that draws visitors in is the holy monastery’s symmetry and charm. A wide variety of thangkas and creative works can be seen in Ralang Monastery, which reflect the elegance of Buddhist craftsmanship.

      The ninth Karmapa is said to have scattered rice grains from Tsurphu Monastery in Tibet around Rabney when the fourth Chogyal returned from his travels, which is how Ralang Monastery came to be. The grains fell in this location, thus a monastery was decided to be built there.

      Kartok monastery

      Kartok Monastery, one of the town’s three primary monasteries, together with Dubdi Monastery and Ngadak Chorling Monastery, is located in the lovely town of Yuksom. The sleek red structure of Kartok is adorned with beautiful yellow patterns and a Tibetan outline. A popular tourist attraction in Yuksom, this monastery is surrounded by the magnificent Lake Kartok and embellished by colourful prayer signs.

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