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DO’s & DON’Ts in Sikkim

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      DO’s & DON’Ts in Sikkim

      One must abide by a specific set of regulations in Sikkim. This is to maintain order, live peacefully, and prevent any accidents. Here are a few rules you should go by in order to behave responsibly when visiting Sikkim.


      1. Present yourself respectfully when entering places of worship. Be mindful of local traditions and cultures and cover yourself from head to toe.
      2. You must obtain a permit in order to travel to North Sikkim. For permission, bring 10 or more pictures and identification. Major tourist destinations must be visited, and if you don’t, you won’t be allowed to enter these protected areas.
      3. Breathing difficulties are a frequent concern in Sikkim due to its elevated location. Keep the required medications close by. A trip to the doctor is also advised before you go on your excursion.
      4. Motion sickness is an issue due to the winding, mountainous roads. Always carry the appropriate medications with you.
      5. Apply for a SIM card for the BSNL network. In Sikkim, it is the sole service provider with a connection.
      6. Traveling with a local guide is usually a good idea. Additionally, a government-approved tour operator is helpful when applying for permissions.
      7. Don’t set a camp more than 500 metres from a lake or river’s edge.
      8. Avoid dehydration by drinking enough water, especially in mountainous places.
      9. It is traditional to go around shrines counterclockwise.
      10. Be mindful of the culture of the area and obtain consent before taking photos.


      1. Be sure to only take the designated trail if you decide to go hiking. Crossing across meadows might damage the delicate plants.
      2. Avoid leaving trash in wooded areas. The law has penalties for it. Always bring back all trash, including plastic bags, cans, and empty bottles. Additionally, don’t blast loud music in these places.
      3. Swimming is prohibited in protected regions’ rivers, lakes, and glaciers.
      4. Smoking and drinking are prohibited in public places, tourist attractions, and religious locations. You will face legal repercussions if this is discovered.
      5. It is totally forbidden to purchase or deal in goods manufactured from the skins of any animal, including those of endangered species. According to official regulations, buying and selling antiquities is likewise prohibited in Sikkim.
      6. Avoid donning uncomfortable footwear. While on vacation in Sikkim, you’ll be doing a lot of walking.
      7. When moving across the city, keep a clear distance from people and refrain from using slang or touching them while speaking.
      8. Sikkimese inhabitants are conservative and disapprove of such displays of affection in public. Keep an eye on your words and body language as well.
      9. Refrain from accessing the temple grounds while you are menstruating. All residents observe it, and visitors are also required to do the same.
      10. It’s thought that the left hand is a little bit contaminated. Don’t tap somebody or give them money with your left hand.

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