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    Lakes in Sikkim

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      Lakes in Sikkim


      Sikkim, a divine state in the northeast, invites all kinds of travellers to stay. With every turn in its meandering alleys, magnificent views appear, and the sunbeams that filter through the trees are a pleasant sight to see. Unquestionably, Sikkim is a worthwhile travel destination. A visit to these lakes is a necessity if you want to be mesmerised by the beauties of nature. The varied environment also allows for navigation on several lakes. With so many places to see in the state, stopping by some of the beautiful lakes in Sikkim will undoubtedly overwhelm you.

      The lakes are mostly located in such a serene environment that a visit to these attractions is both pleasant and fascinating. These are among the prominent attractions in Sikkim that entice travellers from around the globe to laze amidst tranquil lakes and towering mountains. Additionally, lakes provide a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere that contributes to Sikkim’s vibrant and significant tourism.

      Here are a few of Sikkim’s most notable monasteries that you should visit!


      Bidan Chu, which is arranged in transit between Zuluk and Nathula, is an incredible sight to enjoy in Sikkim. The lake is located in the district’s highest settlement, Kupup Village, which is located at an elevation of 4114 metres above sea level. The lake, which has an elephant-like appearance, shimmers with blue water that, on sunny days, gives the impression of the surrounding mountain range. Bidan Chu is renowned for occasionally reflecting a variety of colours.

      How to reach

      The lake is located on the Nathu La–Zuluk Route, and the best way to get there is to take a cab from Gangtok, which is around 56 kilometres away from Nathu La.


      Cholamu Lake in Sikkim, India, is believed to be the most famous lake in the country and is situated at a dizzying height of 5330 m. Additionally, this picturesque lake is at a short distance from the Indo-Tibet Border; hence, special permits are required to visit this lake. Due to Cholamu’s location in North Sikkim, which is undiscovered, its splendour has remained unaltered.

      How to reach

      The lake is located roughly in the vicinity of 80 kilometres from Lachen, which serves as the starting point for taxi service to this location.


      Sikkim’s northern region is the least altered. One of these blessings is Green Lake, which is located at a height of 1437 metres and offers breathtaking views of Kanchenjunga and other noteworthy peaks. The life’s best sight of the dense forests connected by the rich glades of blue poppies, primulas, and array of rhododendrons is shown on the meandering path across the tough terrain that many experienced devotees to this magnificent lake attain. Additionally, as you get to the top, the gentle mountain wind enchants you and revitalises you after a long day in the city.

      How to reach

      Lachen is accessible from Gangtok after a scenic trip of around 6-7 hours.


      The stunning Gurudongmar lake, which is extraordinarily stretched at an elevation of 5425 m, brilliantly mimics the snowy mountains that surround it on all sides. Guru Padmasambhava, also known as Guru Dongmar, is honoured by having one of the world’s most amazing lakes bear his name. Both the Buddhist and Sikh religions consider the lake to represent their own centres of religion. Amazingly, a portion of this cleansed lake never freezes, even during exceptionally harsh winters. The idea behind this is that Guru Dongmar once came in contact with this lake, blessed it, and partially cemented it through time.

      The Lake also has soothing qualities and provides breathtaking views of Khanchendzonga and Mount Siniolchu. Travelers love Gurudongmar Lake for its enormous religious significance, spectacular excellence, and laudable excursions.


      Kathok Lake, also referred to as “Kathok Tsho” in the local dialect, is a picturesque lake located in Yuksom, in the western portion of Sikkim. It is regarded as the spiritual home of Lama Kathok Kuntu Zangpo, who led the effort to introduce Buddhism to this beautiful country in 1642 A.D. He had given this lake his blessing so that people may use it for dubious rituals to connect with God. Additionally, lamas often perform a cleaning service called “Tru-sol” here to maintain its holiness. This serene lake’s crystal-clear water perfectly captures the mesmerising grandeur of the mountains and the oncoming clouds.

      The prayer flags that are still on the lake’s coast help to distinguish it from the surrounding forest of lush green trees and the surrounding field. Thus, Kathok Lake is regarded as the most popular site for tourists to spend some quiet time alone, while eager picture-takers may easily shoot some beautiful images.

      How to reach

      Take a regular Jeep/SSRTC bus from Geyzing (39 km; 1 hour, 48 minutes) or Pelling (40 km; 1 hour, 39 minutes) to go to Yuksom.


      At the Khecheopalri Lake, a sacred pilgrimage place considered blessed by both Buddhists and Hindus, you may feel your euphoria as the prayer flags sway in the air and the quieting sounds of chimes play in a constant succession. It is OK to satisfy one’s wants at this sacred location. According to mythology, if someone prays and sprinkles the water over himself, his aspirations are likely to come true. Additionally, it is stated that despite being surrounded by dense forest, there are no leaves visible above the lake because winged animals remove the fallen leaves from the water. Consequently, a lot of stories revolve around the lake. Khecheopalri Lake is a wonderful location and a trekker’s and nature lover’s paradise. Hotels and outlets for hikers can be found here.


      In North Sikkim, there is a lovely lake that goes by the names Tso Lhamo Lake, Chho Lhamo, Cholamu Lake, and Cholamoo Lake. It is one of the most famous lakes on the earth, located at a height of 5,330 metres, and it has unusually high temperatures, which makes it secluded from most tourists. Tso Lhamo Lake, one of the sources of the River Teesta, is surrounded by the snow-covered mountains that surround it. This serene lake, which is supported in the lap of a detached portion of life’s relentless energy, is honoured with magnificent vistas that create a pleasant domain and give visitors a sense of tranquilly.


      This high altitude lake is surrounded by undiscovered pine forest, substantial inclines, and mountains beneath the Jelepla Pass. Menmecho Lake serves as the source of the stream Rangpo-chu and is one of the waterways tributaries of the Teesta, buoyed by the liquid waters of the icy highlands. This philanthropic lake’s coastline is guarded with sand, much like a seashore, and trout flourish in its crystal-clear water. Numerous tourists and hikers come here frequently to take in Menmecho Lake’s constantly shifting hues.

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