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    Shopping in Sikkim

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      Shopping in Sikkim

      Despite being the smallest state in terms of land size, Sikkim has a vibrant and alluring culture that is represented in its jewellery, attire, and other ceremonial items. It has every ingredient required for visitors to have an exceptional and unforgettable vacation. Due to the many historic or modern elements that define the state, it is also known as a lovely shopping destination.


      Flags of prayer

      The prayer flags may be seen flying in the air all throughout its cities. Tibetans hold that the mantras written on the flag will spread kindness across the universe when they are carried by the wind and carried into the atmosphere. Consequently, it enhances the tranquilly of your surroundings. These vibrant prayer flags are available in various sizes at most gift stores and religious complexes.

      Thangka artwork

      Religious scrolls are called thangkas. Richly constructed and occasionally even embroidered, it serves as a potent representation of courage, wisdom, and compassion. Only the Himalayan areas contain them.

      A thangka is a little artwork that shows scenes from the life of the Buddha, Bodhisattvas, Buddhist deities, or ethereal Mandalas. They may end up being the priciest Sikkim mementos to choose from, but they are also the most elegant.

      Singing bowls

      You’ve probably seen this at a lot of Buddhist temples. It says a lot about sound healing, Tibetan treatment, and its beauty and strength. It has several petals of meditation, internal toning, and mind and soul healing, all of which have mantras inscribed on them. It makes use of vibrational sounds to aid with consciousness alteration, stress reduction, and—most importantly—creating a profound sensation of serenity and tranquilly.

      Prayer wheels

      A prayer wheel is a little metal cylinder with intricate carvings that is fastened to a pole for grasping. A string with beads is dangling from it. Even some prayer wheels with priceless stones may be found. You are required to turn the cylinder clockwise while the prayer scrolls are retained inside. When the holder turns the wheel, these are also intended to radiate good and positive energy. It is amazing to see when it moves in time. It’s believed that if you keep concentrating on it, you can enter a meditative condition.

      Dorjee bell and thunderbolt

      In most Sikkim stores, you can readily find these two little brass artefacts. Usually paired together, the Dorjee Bell and Thunderbolt stand in for the male and feminine energies, respectively. It is well recognised for eliminating all forms of evil, and its very nature cannot be destroyed. Enlightenment results through the interplay between the bell, which is held in the left hand, and the Thunderbolt.

      Traditional clothing from Sikkimese

      Put on a native outfit or bring a memorable item from their culture home. These Sikkimese traditional costumes are made of silk and brocade. Recently, several have begun producing them in weather-appropriate heavier fabrics.

      Jewelry from Sikkim

      You must get Ghau pendants and Akor earrings in addition to the handcuffs and necklaces made of blue and green stones. Prayer scrolls are kept in elaborate boxes known as ghau pendants. They are also used to preserve holy plants or the remains of dead gurus. The Lhasa ladies typically wear the Akor earrings. The fact that the long earrings culminate in a lotus bloom gives it a distinctive personality.

      Sikkim Tea

      Sikkim has magnificent tea farms of its own. Along with other well-known brands like Kho-Cha and Golden Tips, Temi tea is the largest tea brand sold and exported from Sikkim. This is the ideal Sikkim gift to choose for both yourself and other people.

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