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    Sikkim vs Arunachal Pradesh: Comparison of Two Northeast Indian Travel Gems

    For picking a travel location in Northeast India, two states that you commonly think about are Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. Both give scenery of great natural beauty, cultural legacy and distinct trips for people who travel. However, there exist some important contrasts between them when it’s about Sikkim vs Arunachal Pradesh. In this blog, we will study the special elements of every state and assist you in determining which one would suit your next journey.

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    Location and Culture: Sikkim vs Arunachal Pradesh

    village based tourism in Sikkim

    Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh are two states in Northeast India. Even though they share this common location, their geography and cultural influences differ significantly.

    Sikkim, a tiny state lying in the Himalayas, is bounded by the countries of Nepal, China and Bhutan. It has beautiful mountain views with Kanchenjunga being its most famous peak that stands as third highest among all peaks worldwide.

    Sikkim has inhabitants from Nepali, Bhutia and Lepcha ethnic groups while also having a strong presence of Buddhism. The center city of Gangtok is full of life, with vibrant markets, monasteries and a lively food culture.

    Arunachal Pradesh, in contrast, is a bigger state and it touches borders with Bhutan, China and Myanmar. This place falls among the most far-flung and unexplored parts of India. It has very rough land having tall mountains, deep valleys and thick woods.

    In Arunachal Pradesh there are more than 20 different tribes living together; every tribe has its own language style, rules or habits as well as clothes they wear traditionally which make them unique from each other. The state is famous for its lively festivals, like the Ziro Music Festival and Tawang Festival, that display cultural history of the area.

    So, about place and culture in the argument of Sikkim vs Arunachal Pradesh. In terms of location, Sikkim gives a more available and advanced experience with Buddhist influence; on the other hand, Arunachal Pradesh offers an adventure that is less traveled but rich in tribal cultures.

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    Best time to visit: Sikkim vs Arunachal Pradesh

    valley of arunachal pradesh

    The finest period to explore Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh is during their warm months, from April to June. However, if you are interested in seeing snowfall then October until March will be a more suitable time for your visit.

    For Sikkim, the advisable time to go is from March until May and then again from September to November. It’s in these months that you’ll get the best weather for outdoor activities like hiking, trekking or sightseeing as it’s mostly dry with clear visibility – Kanchenjunga Mountain looks its finest too during this period. But you should also note that at peak season, Sikkim can become very crowded. This is particularly true around the main tourist areas.

    For Arunachal Pradesh, it’s good to visit from October until April. This period has dry and mild weather which makes exploring the natural attractions in the state quite comfortable. Also, this time includes most of their festivals so you can experience the lively culture of the area during your stay there. Yet, remember that in the winter time, certain remote zones of Arunachal Pradesh might not be reachable because of significant snow.

    Therefore, in the comparison of Sikkim vs Arunachal Pradesh for favorable time to visit, Sikkim is more suitable for tourism during spring and autumn while Arunachal Pradesh is better in winter and early spring.

    Major Tourist attractions

    village in arunachal pradesh

    Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh, both are home to a variety of special tourist spots that display the natural beauty and cultural heritage of their area. The main attractions in each state are:


    Rumtek Monastery

    • Nathu La Pass: A mountain pass at high altitude, it links Sikkim to China and gives a beautiful sight of the area around.
    • Rumtek Monastery: The largest monastery in Sikkim, known for its beautiful architecture and sacred relics.
    • Tsomgo Lake: The lake is found high up at 12,400 feet and it’s well-known for its beautiful blue waters and mountains.
    • Pelling: A town that has the best views of Kanchenjunga range and is filled with monasteries and temples.
    • Gangtok: The capital city of Sikkim, it is famous for lively markets, vibrant festivals and cultural places such as the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology.

    Arunachal Pradesh:

    • Tawang Monastery: The biggest monastery in India and second biggest in the world, famous for its wonderful architecture and holy relics.
    • Ziro Valley: The valley is a sure attraction for its cultural richness, especially the Apatani tribe and their unique face tattoos.
    • Namdapha National Park: An amazing national park recognized for its rich animal life, like the threatened Hoolock Gibbon and Clouded Leopard.
    • Sela Pass: A mountain pass located at a high altitude, it presents beautiful sights of the area around and Sela Lake.
    • Itanagar: The capital city of Arunachal Pradesh, which is famous for its numerous museums, temples and cultural spots such as the Jawaharlal Nehru Museum.

    Therefore, for the comparison of Sikkim vs Arunachal Pradesh on major tourist attractions, Sikkim is more developed and easily accessible while Arunachal Pradesh offers a less explored path with its own kind of cultural experiences.

    Cuisine: Sikkim vs Arunachal Pradesh

    cusine of arunachal pradesh

    The culinary style of Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh shows the varied cultural backgrounds, highlighting local ingredients and typical cooking techniques.

    Food in Sikkim is strongly affected by Nepali and Tibetan tastes. Momos, thukpa, and sel roti are some well-liked dishes. Gundruk (fermented leafy vegetables), kinema (fermented soybean), chhurpi (dried yak cheese) are other known foods from this place.

    A special thing about Sikkim is its unique tea culture where people enjoy butter tea and teas made with local herbs as popular beverages.

    Cuisine in Arunachal Pradesh is quite diverse, with every tribal group and region having its own unique dishes. Common components are bamboo shoots, greens from the area and wild meats such as pork and chicken.

    Well-regarded meals are apong (rice beer), smoked pork combined with bamboo shoots plus different chutneys or pickles created from regional herbs/spices. The state is also famous for its special fermented foods such as paa paa daal (fermented soybean) and Khorisa (fermented bamboo shoots).

    In the aspect of cuisine, Sikkim has a more developed and easy-to-reach food scene with influences from Nepali and Tibetan cooking. On the other hand, Arunachal Pradesh offers culinary experiences that are distinct and diverse by focusing on ingredients found locally in nature or wild ones.

    Accommodation Expenses

    In Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh, the cost of accommodation can vary widely depending on location, time of year and type of place you choose to stay in. However generally speaking; Sikkim is somewhat more developed and friendly towards tourists with a wider array of options for accommodation available.

    In Sikkim, you can find all types of accommodations. There are budget guesthouses and hostels as well as luxury resorts and eco-lodges. The cost for a basic room per night starts from approximately Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000-10,000 or more for a top-class resort. Areas such as Gangtok, Pelling and Lachung are popular for staying.

    Using tourism infrastructure, Arunachal Pradesh is somewhat less developed and provides fewer options for accommodation. However, this can result in lower prices today (₹700-₹1,500 per night), particularly in more distant regions. Basic guesthouses and homestays are available around Rs. 700 to 1,500 per night.

    Guesthouse: ₹700-₹1,200 per night

    Homestay: ₹900-₹1,500 per night

    Standard hotel: ₹2,000-₹4,000 per night

    Luxury hotel: ₹5,000 and above each evening Accommodation in Arunachal Pradesh can vary greatly. There are top-end hotels and lodges, where you might spend 500-1000 each night. Mid-range options such as hotels and lodges could range from about Rs. 2000-5000 per night. Some well-known places for staying over are Tawang, Ziro, and Pasighat among others.

    Regarding the cost of staying, Sikkim generally has more choices available and somewhat pricier options. Alternatively, Arunachal Pradesh provides a simpler and cheaper stay especially in its distant regions.

    Nightlife and Shopping

    Shop till you drop in Sikkim

    In regards to the nightlife and shopping scenes, the experiences in Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh are quite different.

    Sikkim, as a state that is more developed and welcomes tourists, has livelier nightlife. This is especially true in the main city of Gangtok. You can discover many bars, pubs and nightclubs which remain open late into the night with live music and performances for entertainment. Places like Pub 25, Cafe Live & Loud or Lounge 31A are quite popular in this area.

    In Sikkim, there are many places for shopping. You can find markets and shops selling all sorts of things like traditional crafts to fashionable clothes and electronic items too. Some well-known spots to shop are MG Marg located in Gangtok, Lal Bazaar situated at Namchi as well as the Tibetan Handicraft Centre found within Gangtok itself.

    Yet, Arunachal Pradesh has a more calm and old-style kind of nightlife. Most shops and eateries close earlier in the evening compared to other places. However, there are still choices for evening fun especially at bigger towns like Itanagar and Tawang.

    You can see a few bars and restaurants that keep running until late hours there along with cultural shows or festivals showing traditional music and dance events (N/A). When it comes to shopping, Arunachal Pradesh is renowned for its exclusive tribal handicrafts such as woven textiles, cane and bamboo items along with traditional jewelry. Some well-liked shopping places are the Itanagar Market, Ziro Handicraft Centre and Tawang Monastery market.

    Therefore, in the nightlife and shopping comparison of Sikkim vs Arunachal Pradesh, you will find that Sikkim provides a more contemporary and advanced experience with many choices available. On the other hand, Arunachal Pradesh offers a traditional and modest experience emphasizing on tribal handicrafts and culture.

    Exploration Time

    For Sikkim or Arunachal Pradesh, it is crucial to plan with enough time for fully experiencing the state and all its attractions.

    Sikkim is not a big place, so most important tourist places are close together and can be reached within a few hours drive. But, because of mountains and twisty roads, travel time might take more time than you think.

    Usually, to go around Sikkim completely – including Gangtok, Pelling, Lachung with other famous parts – you may need one full week at least. For trekking or hiking purposes, or when you plan to visit more distant locations, a longer tent is needed.

    However, Arunachal Pradesh is a big state with a population that covers a wide area and not so developed systems. To cover its full content, you will require a minimum two weeks and possibly more if your plans include visiting distant places or doing trekking/adventure activities.

    Some main points of interest such as Tawang and Ziro are a few hours’ drive apart from each other; it’s important to note travel durations might be lengthy and hard to predict because of uneven landscapes plus changeable road situations there.

    In terms of exploration time, you can discover Sikkim in less time because it is smaller and has better tourism facilities. On the other hand, Arunachal Pradesh needs a longer trip to explore its many diverse attractions and more faraway spots.


    1. Which is easier to reach, Sikkim vs Arunachal Pradesh?

    Sikkim is typically simpler to access compared to Arunachal Pradesh. This state has better transport facilities and is linked up with big cities such as Delhi and Kolkata by air as well as roadways. But in comparison, getting to Arunachal Pradesh can be a bit more difficult because there are fewer flight choices and the roads may not be very good.

    2. Which state is better for adventure activities, Sikkim or Arunachal Pradesh?

    Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh, both states in Northeast India, are known for their adventure activities such as trekking, hiking, white-water rafting and mountain biking. However, it could be said that Arunachal Pradesh has a slight advantage in terms of variety of adventures due to its more remote locations with less developed infrastructure.

    3. How do the cultural experiences differ between Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh?

    Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh, are similar in that both provide distinct cultural encounters. However, the things you can see and learn about differ. Sikkim is greatly influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. It has numerous monasteries and cultural centers that show this heritage through its arts, music, dance forms like Cham or Devil’s Dance which are very popular here. But in Arunachal Pradesh there lives a variety of tribal groups who have their unique customs along with celebrations such as festivals and traditions.

    4. Which state is more budget-friendly, Sikkim vs Arunachal Pradesh?

    In total, Arunachal Pradesh might be a little cheaper compared to Sikkim because it has less developed tourist facilities and simpler places to stay. But the prices could change a lot depending on where you are and what time of year it is so make sure to research and plan well.

    5. Is it possible to visit both Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh in one trip?

    Indeed, it is feasible to go on a trip that includes both Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. However, you must set aside enough time for your journey and be ready for some lengthy travel days. We suggest planning a combined trip that lasts at least two weeks, concentrating on the significant sights and cultural encounters in each state. Remember to take into account any permits or other logistical needs for traveling between these two states.

    Wrapping up

    Lastly, for those who love nature and wildlife, the decision of Sikkim vs Arunachal Pradesh may boil down to personal choice and which particular species or landscapes you are keen on seeing. Both states provide distinct and fulfilling encounters for enthusiasts of nature.

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