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    Bike Rentals in Sikkim - A Guide for Adventure Seekers

    Cycling is a wonderful method to see Sikkim because it lets you become part of the amazing nature around you more slowly than if you go by car. Riding your bike over the hills, there’s time for enjoying views of mountains with snow on top, breathing clean air and feeling connected to nature.

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    Some key advantages of bike rentals in Sikkim:

    • Breathtaking views of the Himalayan peaks and valleys
    • You can pause anytime and any place you like to take pictures or simply enjoy the view.
    • Get an up-close look at Sikkim’s lush forests and exotic flowers
    • Ride through charming villages and interact with locals
    • Mountain biking adventures and routes not accessible by other vehicles
    • Physical activity and exercise while sightseeing
    • Environmentally sustainable way to explore the region

    Where to Rent Bikes

    biking milk

    Popular bike rental locations in Sikkim include:

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    In Sikkim’s main city, many shops provide mountain and road bikes for hire. It is possible to rent these bicycles hourly or for the entire day. Some reputable rental outlets arenear MG Marg.

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    This quiet town on the hill, which has beautiful sights of Kanchenjunga, offers some shops that let out bikes with gears good for riding in hills. The people who rent bikes give you safety equipment such as helmets too.

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    At the entrance of Yumthang Valley in North Sikkim, there are some shops where you can rent strong mountain bikes. These bikes are also available for rides to Gurudongmar Lake.

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    The town close to the well-known Gurudongmar Lake, which is more than 17000 feet high, offers bicycles for rent suitable for different riding skills. To explore this area with high elevation properly, it’s a good idea to hire a mountain bike.

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    In the town of Ravangla, close to the central market area, you can find a number of stores where you can get bike rentals in Sikkim and mountain bikes by the hour or for an entire day. This place is an excellent starting point for various wonderful biking trails.

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    This old capital city of Sikkim has places where you can rent bicycles. Many hikers who want to start their journey to Kanchenjunga get bikes from here. They use these bicycles to travel on the local paths around the village.

    When you are researching for bicycles to rent in Sikkim, search for ones that are kept in good condition, include safety equipment, are easy to get and have fair prices at the rental shop.

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    Types of Bikes Available on Rent

    Biking in Sikkim in January

    It is better to discover the mountainous landscape of Sikkim by riding a bicycle with gears designed for such places, not one made for flat roads. You can get bike rentals in Sikkim suitable for mountains in many shops; they offer various types from simple ones to advanced bikes and include famous makers such as Bianchi, Firefox, Mach City among others.

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    • Bike rentals in Sikkim are equipped with front shock absorbers and broad tires that have deep treads for holding onto rough ground. You can find road bicycles as well, however, mountain bicycles fit the area’s pathways more appropriately.
    • City bicycles are a cost-effective choice for travelling on the streets of Gangtok, unless you want to ride on mountain paths. These bikes come with slim tires and might have gears or not.
    • E-bikes, also known as electric mountain bikes, simplify the process of going up sharp inclines. Some high-end stores offer them for rent for an entire day.
    • Tandem bicycles are enjoyable for pairs who desire to cycle jointly. They are not as common, but certain stores have them available even for mountain biking.
    • Children’s bicycles, such as those with 20-inch or 24-inch wheels designed for mountain biking, are available for hire at several places in Gangtok and Pelling that cater to families.

    Rental Rates

    bike rental in sikkim

    Expect to pay the following indicative bike rental rates in Sikkim:

    • Basic city bike without gears – ₹100-₹200 per day
    • Geared mountain bike – ₹400-₹500 per day
    • High-end mountain bikes – ₹600-₹1000 per day
    • E-bikes – ₹2000+ per day
    • Kids bikes – ₹150-₹300 per day

    A lot of stores offer bike rentals in Sikkim by hour, which is useful if you need a bicycle just for part of the day. You should think about spending approximately 100 to 150 rupees each hour when renting mountain bikes. The longer you rent, the better value you can negotiate on the prices.

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    Safety Tips

    sikkim bik rental

    When renting and riding bikes in Sikkim, keep these bike safety tips in mind:

    • Always inspect the bike thoroughly before setting out
    • Ask for a helmet and any other safety gear needed
    • Make sure the seat height is adjusted to your comfort
    • Ride slow and steady, don’t overestimate your skill or stamina
    • Brake early before turns and when going downhill
    • Keep adequate distance between vehicles on the road
    • Carry basic repair tools, pump, phone, first aid kit etc
    • Stay hydrated and take snack breaks
    • Stick to known routes and trails, don’t wander unknown territory alone

    If you take simple safety steps, your bike rentals in Sikkim will be unforgettable for good things.

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    Guided Bike Tours

    Guided Bike Tours sikkim

    If you are visiting for the first time, it is a good idea to go on a guided bike tour with bike rentals in Sikkim so you can see the area without worry. Well-known companies such as Sikkim Bike Tours, Thrillophilia and Sikkim Bike Adventures provide cycling tours with guides; these tours have different lengths and levels of challenge.

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    You can choose from:

    • Tours for half a day in places like Gangtok, Pelling, or different towns are available. The distance is normally between 20 to 30 kilometers and they are very suitable for people who are new to riding.
    • Tours that last the whole day and go for 50-60 kilometers through beautiful places. You need to be moderately fit.
    • Tours that last many days, from three days up to two weeks, bring you on great adventures to distant lakes, old monasteries, small villages and valleys. Select how long based on your skill level and physical condition.

    The advantages of a guided tour include:

    • No need to worry about navigating unknown terrain
    • Support vehicle in case you get too tired to pedal
    • Mechanic and guides handle any bike breakdowns
    • Stops at best photo spots and hidden gems most tourists miss
    • Learn about the region from the expert local guides
    • Make friends with fellow cyclists in the group

    Make sure to investigate the tour operator and the bike paths they provide carefully before you reserve a guided bicycle trip in Sikkim.

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    Packing List for Your Bike Adventure

    Packing List for Your Bike Adventure

    When you get bike rentals in Sikkim and go for bike trips in Sikkim, make sure to bring these important things with you:

    • Clothes: Quick-dry t-shirts, padded cycling shorts, windproof jacket, knee caps, woolen layers, gloves
    • Footwear: Cycling shoes or athletic shoes with good grip
    • Safety: Certified bike helmet, elbow and knee pads, sunglasses
    • Hydration: Minimum 2 liters water. Avoid plastic bottles. Carry a flask or portable water filter.
    • Nutrition: Energy bars, fruits like banana and dates, nuts and trail mix, sandwiches
    • Tools: Mini pump, spare tube, bike lock, tire levers, phone charger, torch
    • Medical: Antiseptic cream, bandages, pain relief spray, medications if required
    • Others: Charged phone, power bank, sunscreen, insect repellent, camera, toilet paper

    Packing in a clever way for your bike journey to Sikkim will greatly enhance the comfort, safety and enjoyment of riding on mountain paths with your bike rentals in Sikkim.

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