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    Cottages in Sikkim – Your Getaway into Nature’s Lap

    The cottages in Sikkim, with their unique appeal, are like ideal cocoons for tourists. These warm and intimate houses mix the traditional design of Sikkimese architecture together with modern conveniences to give you a genuine experience of this region’s culture and hospitality. Ranging from simple wooden structures to high-end eco-friendly resorts, cottages in Sikkim come in a variety of styles that can suit different tastes and budgets. Now, let us look at a few of the most charming cottage accommodations in this lovely state.

    11 Best Cottages in Sikkim

    a) The Bamboo Retreat Hotel

    Bamboo Retreat Hotel in gangtok

    Bamboo Retreat Hotel is a paradise for eco-friendly tourists searching for cottages in Sikkim. This sustainable place provides delightful bamboo cottages that mix naturally with the nearby environment. Every cottage has been planned with care and includes bamboo furniture, organic beddings, as well as big windows that showcase breathtaking views of the mountains. Visitors have the chance to enjoy farmhouse meals, engage in natural gardening, and renew themselves with yoga and meditation. This cottage’s dedication to protecting nature along with enhancing community is a special experience for all who visit it.

    • Highlights: Eco-friendly bamboo cottages, organic farm, yoga and meditation facilities
    • Location: Upper Shyari, Gangtok, East Sikkim – 737102

    b) Mayfair Spa Resort & Casino

    Mayfair Spa Resort and Casino, Gangtok

    Mayfair Spa Resort & Casino is a top option for people looking luxury cottages in Sikkim. It has fine cottages that mix colonial style with current conveniences. Every cottage comes along with elegant interiors, private balconies and wide views of the Himalayas. Visitors may delight in top-tier spa services, test their fortune at the casino or relish gourmet cooking from various on-site eateries. The resort’s rich gardens and peaceful environment offer an ideal escape for those desiring to enjoy superior class of cottages in Sikkim.

    • Highlights: Luxury cottages, world-class spa, casino, multiple dining options
    • Location: Lower Samdur Block, Ranipool, Gangtok, Sikkim – 737135

    c) Norbu Ghang Resort

    Norbu Ghang Resort

    In Sikkim, Norbu Ghang Resort has a set of comfortable cottages that give guests an authentic mountain escape. These wooden cottages are found in Pelling and present amazing scenes of the Kanchenjunga range. Inside the cottages, you will find a pleasant atmosphere with traditional Sikkimese decoration and all modern facilities. The restaurant inside the hotel offers traditional cuisine from the area. You can also rest in the garden or go on guided walks to see nearby places of interest. The resort is liked by many travelers who want to experience real cottages in Sikkim due to its kind staff and calm environment.

    • Highlights: Wooden cottages with mountain views, traditional decor, guided treks
    • Location: Upper Pelling, West Sikkim – 737113

    d) Chumbi Mountain Retreat

    Chumbi Mountain Retreat

    Chumbi Mountain Retreat is a place that has very lovely cottages in Sikkim, located at the base of the Himalayas. These eco-friendly cottages are made with local materials and traditional building methods, giving you an authentic and sustainable experience. Every cottage includes cozy interiors, private places to sit outside and amazing views of nearby mountains. There is an emphasis on organic meals, nature walks, and activities that allow guests to learn about local culture. The cottage’s dedication to responsible tourism sets it apart.

    • Highlights: Eco-friendly cottages, organic cuisine, cultural activities
    • Location: Lower Yaklam, Namchi, South Sikkim – 737126

    e) The Hidden Forest Retreat

    The Hidden Forest Retreat

    As the title suggests, The Hidden Forest Retreat presents solitary cottages in Sikkim that are enveloped by leafy surroundings. These rural yet cozy cottages give an ideal getaway from urban activity. Each cottage has contemporary facilities and keeps a strong link with nature. Visitors can walk around the forest trails close by, watch birds or just rest on their own verandas. The calm focus of this retreat makes it perfect for people who want tranquil cottages in Sikkim.

    • Highlights: Secluded forest cottages, nature trails, birdwatching opportunities
    • Location: 8th Mile, Gangtok-Nathula Highway, East Sikkim – 737101

    f) Cherry Village Resort

    Cherry Village Resort

    Cherry Village Resort presents attractive cottages in Sikkim that display the area’s delightful nature and rich culture. These pleasant cottages are made with a traditional Sikkimese architecture, having wooden insides and lively outside colors. Each cottage provides snug sleeping areas and beautiful sights of cherry gardens and nearby mountains. A person staying at the cottages can relish in local food, take part in cultural activities or go on trips to explore close places. The calm atmosphere and friendly service of this resort make it an appealing option among Sikkim’s cottages.

    • Highlights: Traditional Sikkimese cottages, cherry orchards, cultural programs
    • Location: Rorathang, Rangpo, East Sikkim – 737132

    g) Yangsum Heritage Farm

    Yangsum Heritage Farm

    For a special farm stay experience in cottages, Yangsum Heritage Farm offers good choices. It is an organic farm that belongs to a family and provides comfortable cottages giving you an insight into life in rural Sikkim. Cottages are made from local materials using traditional building methods which gives them a cozy feel with old-style charm. You can take part in farm activities, understand about organic farming methods and relish home-prepared food using fresh ingredients. The dedication of the farm towards sustainable tourism and keeping alive local heritage sets it apart from other cottages in Sikkim.

    • Highlights: Organic farm stay, traditional cottages, hands-on farming experiences
    • Location: Yangsum, Rinchenpong, West Sikkim – 737111

    h) Tashigang Resort

    Tashigang Resort

    Tashigang Resort, a place for rest and rejuvenation, has luxurious cottages in Sikkim. These cottages are big with elegant design inside them. They all have private balconies for you to enjoy the view from and modern facilities that will make your stay comfortable. Set on the side of a hill, Tashigang Resort gives wide views of Kanchenjunga range and nearby valleys. The spa lets visitors enjoy Ayurvedic treatments, yoga and calm themselves in the serene setting. The resort’s combination of opulence and nature’s beauty make it a top pick for people looking for upscale cottages in Sikkim.

    • Highlights: Luxury hillside cottages, wellness facilities, panoramic mountain views
    • Location: Lower Pelling, West Sikkim – 737113

    i) Sikkim Eco Camp

    Sikkim Eco Camp

    For people who love adventure and want to stay in special cottages in Sikkim, there is an interesting choice called Sikkim Eco Camp. This camp that cares for the environment provides comfortable cottage tents which give a near-to-nature feeling while still having all necessary comforts. Every tent has proper beds, bathrooms attached to them and private spots for sitting out. People staying in cottages can do outdoor activities such as trekking, river rafting and finding wildlife. The camp is popular with eco-friendly tourists because it supports sustainable tourism and it is close to natural attractions.

    • Highlights: Eco-friendly cottage tents, outdoor activities, sustainable tourism practices
    • Location: Panchgani, Gangtok, East Sikkim – 737101

    j) The Nettle and Fern Hotel

    The Nettle and Fern Hotel

    In Sikkim, you can find the Nettle and Fern Hotel with their delightful cottages. These accommodations mix contemporary ease along with classic charm. They have comfy wooden insides, big windows as well as personal balconies that give a view of hills around it. The hotel’s gardens are also attractive because they have many local plants, creating an atmosphere for calmness and peace. The hotel has its own restaurant where guests can taste local and international food, or they can go out to explore different attractions nearby. This hotel is well-liked by many travelers who want to find a comfortable and homelike cottage in Sikkim.

    • Highlights: Cozy wooden cottages, beautiful gardens, homely atmosphere
    • Location: Development Area, Gangtok, East Sikkim – 737101

    k) Dew Drops Farm Resort

    Dew Drops Farm Resort

    Dew Drops Farm Resort gives charming cottages in Sikkim, situated on a rich organic farm. These small homes offer you the ideal mix of countryside allure and current convenience. Every cottage has traditional Sikkimese interior design, cozy furniture and impressive sights over the nearby fields. Guests have a chance to join in farming tasks, relish organic meals or just wind down amid the serene surroundings. The resort’s dedication to eco-friendly tourism and its beautiful location make it a superb selection for people who want genuine cottages experience in Sikkim.

    • Highlights: Organic farm resort, traditional cottages, sustainable tourism practices
    • Location: Ranka, Gangtok, East Sikkim – 737101

    Conclusive Words

    In Sikkim, there are many types of cottages available to suit every traveler’s taste. You can find eco-friendly retreats, luxurious resorts and even basic huts for those who want a simple experience in nature. These accommodations not only provide comfortable stays but also unique experiences that show off the state’s natural beauty, culture and warm welcome. If you’re looking for adventure or peace or to know more about local life – the cottages in this magical land will give you memories worth coming back again and again.


    Q1: Do there exist luxury cottages in Sikkim with private hot tubs?

    Indeed, certain luxury resorts such as Mayfair Spa Resort provide cottages that have their own hot tub.

    Q2: Can I get pet-friendly cottages in Sikkim?

    Though it is not usual, some properties such as The Bamboo Retreat Hotel may permit pets if you make an agreement beforehand.

    Q3: Do they have any cottages in Sikkim which provide helicopter services?

    Certain luxurious resorts can organize helicopter transfers if you ask for it, but this is not a common service.

    Q4: Are there any cottages in Sikkim where they teach traditional Sikkimese cooking?

    Yes, places such as Yangsum Heritage Farm and Dew Drops Farm Resort provide cooking classes that focus on local food preparation.

    Q5: Do any cottages in Sikkim have a direct view of Mount Kanchenjunga?

    There are many cottages, like the ones in Norbu Ghang Resort and Tashigang Resort, that can give you clear sight of Kanchenjunga during good weather days.

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