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    Experience the Untouched Beauty With North Sikkim tour packages

    Start a memorable trip to the fascinating place of North Sikkim with our hand-picked North Sikkim tour packages. This area, located in the embrace of the grand Himalayas, is a secret treasure offering stunning natural elegance, a deep cultural legacy, and exciting explorations.

    Our tour packages in North Sikkim are made for all kinds of travelers if you like nature or want adventure, even if your goal is to find peace. The snow hat covering the Himalayas to pure glacial lakes and from old monasteries up to lively local markets – these North Sikkim tour packages guarantee an experience that’s completely absorbing and will hold you captive in awe.

    Prepare yourself for a journey into the wild, untouched beauty of North Sikkim with the best North Sikkim tour packages, where you can make memories that last forever. This guide is filled with information about when it is best to go, how to get there, and what places are the most wonderful. We also cover things that will excite your adventure spirit as well as delicious local food which should not be missed during your tour in North Sikkim.

    Best Time to Visit North Sikkim

    roads in sikkim

    For a North Sikkim tour, the finest moment to start might be different for each person. It is dependent on what you like and which activities are of interest to you. But overall, the most suitable months for visiting North Sikkim are from March till June and then again from September until December because during these times there exists a good climate that remains mild making it perfect for viewing attractions as well as participating in outdoor pursuits.

    In the months from March to June, the region enjoys spring and the beginning of summer. The rhododendrons are in their full blossom, adding lively colors to the surroundings. This is a very good time for people who love nature and photographers because they can capture the beautiful appearance of North Sikkim.

    From September to December, it’s autumn and winter in Nepal. The sky is clear, showing us the snowy tops of the Himalayan mountains. It’s a great time for people who want to see big beautiful mountains and go trekking or hiking too.

    Do remember, in North Sikkim when the monsoon comes from July to August, it has heavy rainy time that might bring landslides and block the roads. Thus, it’s good to check the weather and organize your tour of North Sikkim accordingly for a pleasant journey.

    How to Reach North Sikkim?

    How To Reach Sikkim

    Obtaining access to North Sikkim is an adventure in its own right. Yet, with careful preparation and the assistance of our North Sikkim tour packages, you will be able to find your way into this captivating area.

    The airport that is closest to North Sikkim, is Bagdogra Airport in West Bengal, about 220 km away. From this airport, you can rent a cab or get on a shared vehicle to reach Gangtok which serves as the capital of Sikkim. For your convenience, our North Sikkim tour packages provide transport from Bagdogra Airport directly to where you will be staying in North Sikkim.

    On the other hand, if you enjoy beautiful train rides, going by rail is also possible. You can get a train to New Jalpaiguri Railway Station (NJP) in Siliguri, West Bengal. After that from NJP either take a taxi or use the transportation included in the North Sikkim tour package to reach Gangtok.

    When you arrive in Gangtok, the need to get an Inner Line Permit (ILP) for entering North Sikkim arises. With our North Sikkim tour packages, we handle all the permit arrangements so that your experience is free from any troubles.

    Starting from Gangtok, you can begin a road trip to North Sikkim which will offer beautiful views of the mountains and landscapes. The route includes winding mountain roads, providing an exciting journey. Our skilled drivers and properly maintained vehicles make sure you reach your desired location in North Sikkim comfortably and safely.

    Places to Visit in North Sikkim

    1. Gurudongmar Lake

    Gurudongmar Lake

    Gurudongmar Lake found 17,800 feet high, is among the top lakes globally and an essential part of our North Sikkim tour packages. This place holds religious importance for Buddhists as well as Hindus believing in its healing abilities due to the sacredness associated with this water body.

    The clear blue color of the lake’s water combined with the snowy peaks surrounding it makes for a stunning view. People who come to visit can appreciate the peaceful fascination of this lake and also swim in its very cold water. The most excellent period for visiting Gurudongmar Lake is between May and June because during these months, the weather becomes good and the lake also gets open.

    2. Lachen

    Lachung, Lachen and Yumthang Valley

    Lachen, a beautiful town in the Himalayas, is often included in our North Sikkim tour packages. It has amazing natural scenery and a calm atmosphere that make it perfect for trekking and hiking adventures. The town boasts of Lachen Monastery which holds traditional charm with its architecture and spiritual importance.

    People who visit can go around the market, taste the good Sikkimese food, and talk with friendly people. Lachen is also a way to reach Chopta Valley and Gurudongmar Lake, so it is an important part of your North Sikkim journey.

    3. Lachung

    Lachung Chu

    Lachung, a sweet little village located at 9,600 feet high, is definitely included in our North Sikkim tour packages. This place has fame for its apple gardens and amazing views of snowy mountains along with the Lachung River flowing here.

    Visitors can enjoy seeing different things like the Lachung Monastery that is famous because of its detailed murals and calm atmosphere. The town is known for its hot springs too, believed to be medicinal. Lachung acts as a starting point for Yumthang Valley and Zero Point in North Sikkim.

    4. Yumthang Valley

    Yamthang Valley

    Frequently named as the “Valley of Flowers,” Yumthang Valley is a heaven for those who adore nature and one of our favorite aspects in North Sikkim tour packages. It sits at an elevation of 11,800 feet and is famous for its lovely meadows, hot springs, along with a sanctuary named Shingba Rhododendron.

    In springtime, the valley turns into a magnificent sight with rhododendrons, primulas and other alpine flowers blooming everywhere. You can walk through meadows, sit in the natural hot springs, and delight in the views of Himalayan peaks all around. Yumthang Valley is a dream for people who love taking photos and a must-see place in North Sikkim.

    5. Zero Point

    The freezing fury of Zero Point

    Zero Point, which people also call Yumesamdong, is the final civilian point in North Sikkim and part of our North Sikkim tour packages. Located at an elevation of 15,300 feet high up in the mountains (North Sikkim), Zero Point provides magnificent sights overlooking snow-covered Himalayan summits along with Teesta River Valley below it.

    The place remains filled with snow almost all year round, giving excellent opportunities for enjoying activities like sledging as well as creating a snowman on site. You can also see the Raring Waterfalls and hot springs nearby. Zero Point is a place that adventure fans and people who love nature should visit in North Sikkim.

    Things to Do in North Sikkim

    1. Trekking

    sikkim trekking

    Trekking is a liked activity among those visiting North Sikkim through our tour packages. This area presents numerous trails for trekking, making it fit for amateurs to advanced trekkers. The Green Lake Trek, Yumthang Valley Trek and Lachen-Lachung Trek are few of the top trekking routes in North Sikkim.

    The routes of these treks showcase the beauty of Himalayan mountains, alpine grasslands, and unspoiled water bodies. Those who go trekking can observe distinct plants and animals such as uncommon kinds of rhododendrons along with Himalayan birds. Our North Sikkim tour packages come with skilled guides, camping gear, and all required permissions to make your trekking experience secure yet unforgettable.

    2. Yak Safari

    Yak ride in Changu Lake

    With our North Sikkim tour packages, you can enjoy the special and thrilling Yak Safari. This safari lets you ride through the beautiful valleys and meadows of North Sikkim on a yak’s back. Guides who are kind and full of knowledge will share information about local culture, plants, animals with guests during this adventure experience.

    While riding on yaks, which are both gentle and sure-footed, you can relish the stunning sights of the Himalayan peaks along with glaciers and alpine meadows. Yak Safari is an ideal activity for those who seek adventure while also appreciating nature’s beauty in North Sikkim.

    3. Monasteries and Gompas

    Ralong Monastery

    Exploring the old monasteries and gompas is an activity you must do when taking our North Sikkim tour packages. There are many significant Buddhist monasteries in North Sikkim, they display the cultural heritage and deep spiritual traditions of this area. Monasteries like Phodong Monastery, Labrang Monastery and the Lachen Monastery are among some famous ones in North Sikkim.

    These are special places that have impressive designs, detailed wall paintings and calm feelings. When you go to these monasteries, you can see the daily actions and prayers happening, talk with the nice monks and learn about how Buddhists live. For people who want to experience culture deeply or find spiritual understanding in North Sikkim, visiting these monasteries is an ideal activity for them.

    4. Photography

    Meditate in the Lap of Nature

    North Sikkim is a place that photographers love, and taking pictures of its beautiful sights is an activity you must try in our North Sikkim trip packages. This area provides various chances for photography, from amazing Himalayan scenes to lively cultural customs.

    The mountains with snow on top, clear lakes, high grasslands and falling water make this place perfect for taking pictures of landscapes. The lively celebrations, typical clothing, and kind people give great chances for cultural and portrait photography. Our North Sikkim tour plans have enough time and direction for those who love taking photos to grasp the spirit of North Sikkim with their cameras.

    5. Birdwatching

    Pheasant’s Paradise

    In North Sikkim, birdwatching is a favored activity in our North Sikkim tour packages because the area serves as heaven for those who love to watch birds. The region has diverse types of Himalayan birds that you can find here, including rare and threatened species. The Lachen-Lachung Valley, Yumthang Valley and Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary are among the finest places for birding located in North Sikkim.

    Birdwatchers may see birds such as the Fire-tailed Myzornis, Blood Pheasant, Satyr Tragopan and Himalayan Monal in North Sikkim. We offer North Sikkim tour packages with skilled birding guides, binoculars and birding checklists to enhance your birding experience in North Sikkim.

    6. Soaking in Hot Springs

    Hot Spring Dips sikkim

    Enjoying the natural hot springs is a peaceful and refreshing experience you can have with our North Sikkim tour packages. In North Sikkim, there are many hot springs that are famous for their healing characteristics. The Yumthang Hot Springs, Lachung Hot Springs and the Ralong Hot Springs are among the most commonly visited hot springs in North Sikkim.

    These hot springs are situated in the midst of beautiful Himalayan scenery, providing an ideal escape from the noisy city. People can immerse themselves in these warm and remedial waters to relax their bodies and minds. Bathing in natural hot springs is a rewarding activity for people desiring restfulness and healthiness within North Sikkim.

    7. Attending Local Festivals

    Bumchu Festival

    In our North Sikkim tour packages, we make sure to include the local festivals as an activity you must do. You should know that North Sikkim is famous for its rich cultural heritage and lively festivals which display traditions and customs of nearby communities through various performances.

    Losar Festival, Saga Dawa Festival and Pang Lhabsol Festival are among the most liked festivities in North Sikkim. These events are filled with lively parades, customary dance performances and tasty food from the area. Guests can observe the distinct customs and rituals, speak with kind inhabitants, and obtain knowledge about the diverse cultural heritage within North Sikkim. For people who want to experience culture and make lasting memories in North Sikkim, going to local festivals is a great thing to do.

    8. Mountain Biking

    biking milk

    You may engage in mountain biking, an exciting and thrilling pursuit, with our North Sikkim tour packages. The rough land, twisty roads of the mountains and beautiful sights from the Himalayas make it a perfect place for those who love to ride bicycles on mountains.

    Lachen-Lachung Valley along with Yumthang Valley as well as Gurudongmar Lake are few favorite paths for mountain biking in North Sikkim. Bikers can pedal over the tricky land, go across the rushing mountain rivers and see amazing sights of Himalayan tops. We offer North Sikkim tour packages that include good mountain bikes, safety equipment and skilled guides to make sure your biking experience in North Sikkim is both safe and unforgettable.

    9. Camping

    Enjoy the leisurely bonfires in camping trips

    Camping in the beautiful Himalayas is a special and memorable adventure that you can have with our North Sikkim tour packages. In North Sikkim, there are many places for camping like Lachen-Lachung Valley, Yumthang Valley and Thangu Valley. You can put up your tent on alpine meadows, near flowing mountain streams or under the clear sky full of stars of Himalayan night.

    In our North Sikkim tour packages, we give top-grade camping gears, tasty food and skilled camping guides to make sure you enjoy a pleasant and unforgettable time while camping in North Sikkim. Camping is an ideal activity for those who love adventure and nature, as it allows them to fully indulge in the untouched beauty of North Sikkim.

    10. Stargazing

    Camp under twinkling stars at Borong

    Stargazing, it’s like magic. You can try this special experience with our North Sikkim tour packages. The skies here are clear and the altitude is high, plus there’s not much light pollution in North Sikkim so it makes a perfect place for people who love to look at stars. The best spots to do stargazing include the Lachen-Lachung Valley, Yumthang Valley and Gurudongmar Lake in North Sikkim.

    The display of twinkling stars, constellations and the Milky Way galaxy in the night sky can be witnessed by visitors. To make sure that your experience of gazing at stars during North Sikkim tour packages is unforgettable, we provide telescopes, guides about astronomy as well as stargazing camps. Gazing at stars is a heavenly activity for those who yearn to explore the universe deeper in North Sikkim.

    Things to Eat in North Sikkim

    North Sikkim, besides having attractive natural beauty and cultural heritage, is also famous for its delicious food. The local cuisine of North Sikkim mixes flavors from Tibet, Nepal and India to create a distinct culinary experience for those who enjoy good food.

    One dish you should definitely taste in North Sikkim is Thukpa, a famous soup with noodles that comes loaded with vegetables and meat. You can also enjoy the renowned snack Momos, which are dumplings either steamed or fried and filled with meat or vegetables.

    For those who love food and are daring, you must taste the Chhurpi. It is a traditional Sikkimese cheese prepared from yak milk. The Sael Roti, which is sweet and crispy bread, goes well with your tea in the morning.

    More well-liked foods that you can try on your North Sikkim tour are the Gundruk, a soup made from fermented leafy vegetables, Kinema which is fermented soybean food and also Sinki pickle prepared using radish.

    For your final touch of culinary adventure, do not miss the Chaang which is a millet beer and also the Butter Tea that has a salty taste with buttery texture to suit Himalayan cold climate.

    Final Thoughts

    North Sikkim is like a secret treasure that has everything from natural beauty to cultural heritage and excitement. We have planned our North Sikkim tour packages in a way that allows you to completely experience this wonderful place.

    Whether it’s the amazing Gurudongmar Lake or lively Yumthang Valley, old monasteries or exciting biking routes – North Sikkim provides something for every kind of traveller. So, gather your things and go on a trip with our North Sikkim tour packages. Make memories that will stay with you forever in this Himalayan heaven. Book your North Sikkim tour now and let the enchantment happen!

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