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    Places to visit in Sikkim in November

    Sikkim is a beautiful land nestled in the middle of the mighty Himalayan folds. It proudly boasts of its greatest treasure to attract fanciful and beauty-struck tourists — the Mount Khangchendzonga.

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    The joy of travel to Sikkim is directly proportional to identifying the destinations and the fun things to do that will make it memorable and worthwhile, while it lasts. Initially while you browse through the Sikkim website pages and try to find out which is best and which ones to include in the itinerary of the Sikkim tour in November.

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    1. Explore Sikkim in November

    Festival Culture of Sikkim

    Stepping into an unfamiliar world and exploring the local delights be it culinary, festive or a beautiful corner of the destination, a hidden waterfall or stream away from commercialization or a river bank, a small native village or a secret cave is a great thrill. The adrenalin rush of discovery and the joy of expanding the horizons of your world is emancipating. There are various ways we can explore the charm of a new destination in a better manner.

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    Places in Sikkim Temperature in November
    Gangtok: Maximum: 12.7
    Minimum: -0.7
    Pelling: Maximum: 7.6
    Minimum: 14.9
    Namchi: Maximum: 17.0
    Minimum: 8.0
    Mangan Maximum: 15.0
    Minimum: 9.0
    Lachung Maximum: 16.0
    Minimum: -1.0
    Lachen Maximum: 10.0
    Minimum: 0.0
    Geyzing Maximum: 14.0
    Minimum: 4.0
    Jorethang Maximum: 5.0
    Minimum: -4.0

    2. Ropeway fun for a bird-eye view

    Darjeeling Rangit Valley Ropeway

    The approximately 15-minute ropeway ride in Gangtok, Sikkim, can be a tremendously adrenaline-charged experience. To sit in sombre seclusion in a cubicle, hanging mid-air with the peaceful city of Gangtok spread below with all its majestic faces of the craggy rock slopes and verdant vegetation cover, the molten mists and blue mountain peaks touching the skies above bathed by sunrays and moonbeams, standing tall for ages, a silent witness to human drama – is a blessing. It makes your Sikkim trip worth every penny you spend in this beautiful land of warmth and hospitable people and infinite natural beauty.

    The Gangtok Ropeway has three stations at Deorali, Namnang and Tashiling from where you can take photographs and pose and get clicked. The points also offer unique views of the surrounding town and valleys, rivers, mountains and greenery around.

    Tips for Ropeway Ride, Gangtok

    • You have to pay an additional charge for video cameras.
    • The ropeway ticket price is for a two-way ride.
    • The end of the ropeway ride involves climbing down some stairs.

    3. Thrill of Rappelling at Kanchenjunga Falls

    Kanchenjunga Base Camp

    Not exactly at the Khangchendzonga Falls, but in and around the gorgeous falls, you can have a thrilling rappelling session and have some self-created beautiful moments taking in the beauty all around. A hundred odd feet of descent down a craggy hill piece in the Himalayan ranges is something to boast about. Safety of the climbers is closely taken care of. Expert guides available teaching and instructing the basics of the activity. Initially, it might be fearful and even seem challenging but once you follow the instructions and get started, you will be charged to complete the course. You will be harnessed to quality safety equipment at all times. The climate of the place is also ideal not to stress you out with too much heat or cold in November to try rock climbing at Kanchenjunga Falls. After the strenuous and thrilling climb, get a cool drink or a hot cup of tea to relax and unwind by the gorgeous fall. Your day will be made.

    Location Located at a distance of around one hour drive from Pelling towards Yuksom
    Highlight: Offers mesmerizing views of Kanchenjunga range

    4. Spend some time with the local people of Sikkim

    The local people of Sikkim are hospitable and always welcoming. Talking and spending time with these friendly locals might give you insights about this beautiful place that you won’t be able to decipher even through extended tours of the destination. The culture of the place is defined by the people who have been living there for generations and it is always a revelation to be a part of that ethnic discovery. The locals open their hearts out and narrate anecdotes and episodes that are personal or have been in discussion and known among the community for decades. They host you just like a guest in their house and share meals with you. You can surely visit some of the locals in the mountain towns such as Namchi, Lachen, Pelling, Yuksom, Yumthang and Lachung and spend some quality time with them. Taste the authentic local dishes and maybe absorb the traditional recipe too. Travel bloggers, nature lovers, wanderers, travellers, History buffs will have a perfect opportunity to gather a lot of information.

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    Location Gangtok, Pelling, Yuksom, Namchi, Lachung, Lachen
    Highlight: Local flavour, food, tradition, language and history

    5. Heal at Hot Spring – Yumthang

    Though everyone is aware of the healing properties of a hot spring, many do not know about the locations of hot springs in Sikkim. Among these innumerable big and small, unknown and famous hot springs, the Reshi Hot Spring is the most famous. It has a religious connotation associated with it. These hot springs are equivalent and sometimes even more powerful than the natural spa that we have in modern ages. The existence of hot springs and their curative properties are known to mankind since creation. Since in the modern ages we humans are getting more and more inclined towards the natural healing process of nature for our well-being and sustainable health benefits, let us remember that the hot springs of Sikkim just like other famous sources all across India are rich in minerals such as sulphur and silica. Soaking in the hot springs of Reshi will be of great benefit to you. Go back from the Sikkim trip with an improved, healthier and better skin. Soak the hot spring to hydrate and moisturize your skin. Also, reduce inflammation, and naturally detox your skin. Rough or dried skin will get immediate relief and any persisting skin conditions like psoriasis, acne and eczema will see the healing touch through these sulphur springs. Don’t forget to carry an extra pair of fresh clothes and a towel for changing after the healing touch.

    Location Located at a distance of around 99 km and takes a little more than 3 hours by road; at a distance of about 25 kilometres from Gyalshina near Reshi
    Highlight: Healing properties, invigorating experience
    Other Hot Water Springs of Sikkim: • Ralong Hot Spring
    • Borong Hot Spring
    • Yumthang Hot Spring
    • Yumesamdong (or Momay Samdong)

    6. Enjoy the leisurely bonfires in camping trips

    Enjoy the leisurely bonfires in camping trips

    Come November, Sikkim starts getting colder and colder. Camping might be a good thrill to venture upon a wild camping spree which is one of the adventurous activities to do in Sikkim, India. The camps are usually set up against pristine, surreal meadows covered with green grasses and dotted with the sporadic charm of wildflowers against the misty, blue, lofty mountains. In the evening, sit huddled with your fellow campers and warm yourself in the wilderness around a cosy bonfire. This scene should be in the wish list of all travellers at heart. Don’t even give much thought, simply pack your bags and leap into a hiking expedition, or a trekking venture or motorbiking adventure and camp in solitude in the lap of nature. Your chance to touch the unexplored side of Sikkim. Goecha La, Dzongri, Varsey, is one good place to enjoy camping.

    Location Lachung, Dzongu, Teesta, Tsomgo Lake, Dzongri, Singalila, Lachung – Yumthang Valley, Rishikhola and some of the destinations
    Highlight: Sikkim has a large number of beautiful camping sites to choose from. Each site is a paradise on earth and offers unbridled natural beauty.

    7. Few General Sikkim Travel Tips

    Sirijonga Yuma Mangheem

    Keep these thoughts in mind when you plan for a Sikkim Trip.

    • What your budget is.
    • What the duration of your Sikkim vacation is.
    • Who all are travelling with you.
    • How fit physically and mentally you and your co-travellers are.
    • If you are accompanied by elderly people and infants or kids, choose your stay and destination likewise.
    • The stay should be not too steep a climb in that case.
    • Pack your woollens whichever season you are visiting Sikkim.
    • October in Sikkim will have chilly early mornings and evenings. So pack accordingly.

    8. Weather in Sikkim in November?


    The weather in Sikkim in November is known to be quite pleasant and breezy all throughout. While the nights and mornings tend to be a little chilly, the afternoons will be blessed with enough sunshine to let you explore. The average temperature in Sikkim during this time ranges from 15℃ to 20℃.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Sikkim worth visiting in the month of November?

    Winter slowly and gradually peeps into Sikkim during the month of November. The lakes slowly fall into the frozen mode. Snows glisten on the mountain peaks. The breeze catches a chill and Sikkim turns into a land of pure white and pristine snow. Since most people in the rest of the country are crazy about watching and feeling snow, Sikkim becomes a hot tourist destination to travel to in the month of November.

    Is there snow in November in Sikkim?

    For all those who dream of catching snowfall in Sikkim, the months between November and February are the best for snowfall in Sikkim. All the high-altitude destinations of Sikkim enjoy snowfall during this time. December to January is the peak time when a lot of places in Sikkim are covered with snow.

    Is it a good time to visit Sikkim in the month of November?

    October to November is autumn in Sikkim. The temperature ranges from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius during these months. In November, the temperature sees a dip to around a minimum of 12 degrees. The weather remains perfect and enjoyable during these months for tourists to go about their adventure and sightseeing. Skies remain clear and views are awesome, which makes it the best time to visit Sikkim.

    What is the minimum temperature in Sikkim in November?

    During the month of November when winters start settling in Sikkim, the average maximum temperature ranges from a low of 7 degrees Celsius in Lachung while it remains quite pleasant in Namchi with degrees Celsius. Minimum temperatures during the night drop to a low of 6 (44°F) in Namchi and -9 degrees Celsius (15°F) in Lachung.

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