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    Sikkim vs Meghalaya: Which is the Better

    For picking a place to travel in Northeast India, people usually think about Sikkim and Meghalaya. Both places have amazing nature, deep cultural history, and special things to do. But, if you must make a comparison of Sikkim vs Meghalaya for travel, it can be a tough decision. In this blog post, we will look at what makes these two states different so that you can know better which one to pick for your upcoming trip.

    Location and Culture: Sikkim vs Meghalaya

    Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary

    Sikkim, located in the Eastern Himalayas, is surrounded by Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. It’s famous for its beautiful monasteries, lively Buddhist traditions and friendly welcome to visitors. However, Meghalaya, which people also name “the abode of clouds,” finds its place among the Khasi and Jaintia hills next to Assam and Bangladesh. This area is well-known because in their society, it is the women who have an important role both in families and within the wider community.

    In the comparison of culture between Sikkim vs Meghalaya, you can see that Sikkim has many Buddhist monasteries and they celebrate festivals like Losar. On the other hand, in Meghalaya there is a special mix of local tribes’ cultures with Khasi, Jaintia, and Garo as the main groups. The region is also recognized for its bridges made from living roots, which show the cleverness of the area’s tribes.

    Best Time to Visit: Sikkim vs Meghalaya

    River Crossing at Hee Bermiok

    To go to Sikkim and Meghalaya, the good times are not the same because they have different places on the map. Sikkim is nicer in spring time from March until May and fall time from September to November when it has nice weather and sky without clouds for seeing Himalayas well. Meghalaya, however, is most suitably visited in the winter season from November to February as this is when waterfalls are at their strongest and the climate remains cool and without rain.

    When you compare Sikkim vs Meghalaya for travelling, remember that Sikkim has a lot of rain in the monsoon time from June till September; however, Meghalaya gets lots of rain all year with the strongest rains also happening between June and September.

    Natural Landscape and Beauty

    sikkim in september

    Sikkim and Meghalaya have very beautiful nature. Sikkim has the great Kanchenjunga Mountain, which is the third tallest in the world, and it also has many glaciers, fields high up in the mountains like meadows, and forests full of rhododendron flowers. The Yumthang Valley is in the state as well, and it’s famous for its warm springs and beautiful scenery.

    Meghalaya, on the other hand, is known for its green hills full of life, waterfalls that fall in steps, and rivers with very clear water. This state is well-known because of its caves like the Mawsmai Cave and also the Krem Puri Cave which holds the record for being the world’s longest cave made out of sandstone. The bridges made from roots, which are alive and can be seen in places such as Cherrapunji and Mawlynnong, represent a special part of the scenery in Meghalaya.

    Major Tourist Attractions

    Talking about places for tourists, Sikkim vs Meghalaya both have many things to show. In Sikkim, big attractions are:

    • Nathu La Pass: A high-altitude mountain pass connecting Sikkim to Tibet.
    • Tsomgo Lake: A glacial lake located at an altitude of 12,400 feet.
    • Rumtek Monastery: The largest monastery in Sikkim, known for its beautiful architecture and rare Buddhist scriptures.
    • Pelling: A small town offering stunning views of the Kanchenjunga range.

    Meghalaya’s major tourist attractions include:

    • Cherrapunji: It is recognized as a place with much rain on the planet, well-known for its bridges made of living roots and many waterfalls.
    • Shillong: The main city in Meghalaya is famous for its buildings from colonial times, places to play golf, and lively music environment.
    • Dawki: A tiny village located at the border between India and Bangladesh, famous for its very clear river and trips on boats.
    • Mawlynnong: Dubbed as “Asia’s cleanest village,” known for its cleanliness and natural beauty.

    Cuisine: Sikkim vs Meghalaya

    When you look at the food from Sikkim and Meghalaya, each place has its own special taste. The cooking in Sikkim is a lot like what people eat in Tibet and Nepal. They have famous foods such as momos, which are kind of stuffed wraps, thukpa, a soup with noodles in it, and sel roti, which is a sweet type of circular bread.

    The food from Meghalaya is different because it has things like bamboo parts, fish that has been left to ferment, and rice. There are some well-liked foods there such as jadoh which mixes meat with rice, doh neiiong where pork meets black sesame seeds, and pumaloi which is a kind of sweet cake made out of rice.

    Accommodation Expenses

    For the cost of staying places, comparing Sikkim vs Meghalaya, they both give many choices for different amounts of money. In Sikkim, there are cheap local houses where you can stay with families and small guesthouses, but also expensive fancy resorts and big hotels. For a cheap stay in Sikkim, you usually spend between 500 and 1,500 Indian rupees each night. But if you want to stay somewhere more expensive, it will be over 5,000 Indian rupees every night.

    In Meghalaya, there are many choices for places to stay. These include simple homestays that do not cost much and expensive resorts as well. The price for a low-cost place is usually between 500 to 1,500 Indian Rupees every night. But if you want something more luxurious, it will be more than 4,000 Indian Rupees per night.

    Nightlife and Shopping

    Lively Darjeeling Mall Road

    In the comparison of Sikkim vs Meghalaya for night activities and buying things, each place has special things to offer. The main city of Sikkim, called Gangtok, is alive at night with many places to drink and dance. The city has a busy market, MG Marg, where one can buy local handmade goods, clothes made of wool and things to remember your visit.

    The capital city of Meghalaya, Shillong, has the nickname “Rock Capital of India” because it has a lively music atmosphere. There are many places like live music spots, pubs and bars in this city where people can listen to both local and global songs. Shillong has a well-known market named Police Bazar, where one can purchase local crafts, traditional clothes and mementos.

    Exploration Time

    When you make plans for travel to Sikkim or Meghalaya, think about how much time you can spend discovering places. Sikkim is not so big, and you can see the most important sights within a week. But, if your interest is to go far into the state’s edges and enjoy things such as walking on mountains or climbing them, it could require more days.

    Meghalaya, which is a big state, needs more days to fully explore. To see the main sights and really get to know the culture there, you should plan for at least 7-10 days. To visit the distant villages and see attractions not many know about, perhaps you will need as much as two weeks.


    Is it safe to travel to Sikkim vs Meghalaya?

    Sikkim and Meghalaya are mostly safe for people who come to visit. But it is good to always be careful and know what is happening around you.

    Which state is more budget-friendly, Sikkim or Meghalaya?

    Sikkim and Meghalaya both have places to stay and eat that don’t cost much money. But Meghalaya might be a little cheaper than Sikkim when you look at how much it costs to travel around.

    Do I need any special permits to visit Sikkim vs Meghalaya?

    To go into Sikkim, people from India must get an Inner Line Permit (ILP) while foreigners have to secure a Protected Area Permit (PAP). In Meghalaya, Indian citizens do not need any special permits. People from other countries must go to the nearby Foreigners Registration Office and sign up there within one day after they get there.

    Which state is better for adventure activities, Sikkim or Meghalaya?

    In Sikkim and Meghalaya, there are many adventures to be had. People go to Sikkim mostly for walking in the mountains, climbing them, and rafting on fast rivers. In contrast, Meghalaya is well-known because you can explore caves there, walk long trails through nature and glide on cables from high places.

    Can I visit both Sikkim and Meghalaya in a single trip?

    You can go to Sikkim and Meghalaya on one trip, but remember they are not next to each other. You might need to pass through West Bengal or Assam when traveling between them.

    Final Words

    If you are deciding where to travel next, Sikkim vs Meghalaya both present their own special attractions. Sikkim is famous for beautiful mountains in the Himalayas, the culture of Buddhism and opportunities for adventure. On the other side, Meghalaya has rich green hills, many waterfalls and different cultural experiences that stand out. The decision to visit Sikkim or Meghalaya really comes down to what you like, how much time you have, and your money situation. No matter which one you pick, a memorable time in nature’s embrace awaits you.

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