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    From Gurudongmar Lake to Yak Safaris: Amazing Things to Do in North Sikkim

    North Sikkim, in the arms of great Himalayas, is like a secret place that you need to discover. It has very beautiful views with calm lakes and old monasteries. North Sikkim also keeps its cultural history alive. People who love adventure, nature or have interest in spirituality will find something special here.

    In the blog post, we will discover 20 amazing things to do in North Sikkim that are sure to create lasting memories of your visit. Whether it’s walking among untouched valleys or fully engaging with Buddhist customs, prepare for a trip filled with wonder in this special place on Earth. Therefore, gather your belongings and let us explore the top things to do in North Sikkim!

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    20 Things to do in North Sikkim

    1. Visit Gurudongmar Lake

    Gurudongmar Lake

    Visiting Gurudongmar Lake is one of the most stunning things to do in North Sikkim. At 17,800 feet above sea level, this holy lake is among the tallest on Earth. Its clear blue waters enclosed by snowy mountains make for an awe-inspiring view. As per the legend, Guru Padmasambhava sanctified this lake and people believe in its water’s luckiness.
    Most of the year, the lake is frozen but you can see its amazing beauty during summer months. It is very important to adjust to the high altitude and get required permissions before starting your trip to Gurudongmar Lake; it’s one of many exciting activities in North Sikkim.

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    2. Explore Lachen Monastery

    Gangtok Lachen Lachung Tour Package

    Experience the spiritual energy of Lachen Monastery, a necessary visit in North Sikkim. This old monastery, also called Lachen Gompa, is situated in the calm village of Lachen. It belongs to the Nyingma sect from Tibetan Buddhism and holds holy scriptures as well as lovely thangkas along with statues inside it.

    The calm environment and complex design create an ideal situation for thinking deeply and quiet self-assessing. Engage in conversation with the helpful monks to understand more about their lifestyle. Going to Lachen Monastery is not just one of the best things to do in North Sikkim, it’s also a deep spiritual journey.

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    3. Trek to Green Lake

    Green Lake sikkim

    One of the best activities that adventure lovers can experience in North Sikkim is trekking to Green Lake. This demanding trek will lead you across thick forests, rough and elevated passes, giving you unmatched sights of the Himalayas at its best.

    The path goes through Zemu Glacier, which is among the longest glaciers in Eastern Himalayas. Green Lake, located at a height of 16,000 feet, is a glacier lake that gives peaceful and pretty surroundings. Usually, the journey takes around 10-12 days with good fitness needed for trekking to Green Lake. It is surely one of the most daring things to do in North Sikkim.

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    4. Visit Lachung Monastery

    Lachung Monastery

    One more treasure in the list of things to do in North Sikkim is going to Lachung Monastery. Situated at the lovely village Lachung, this monastery belongs to the Nyingma sect of Tibetan Buddhism. It is famous for its impressive wall paintings, delicate wood carvings and serene atmosphere.

    Join in the morning prayers, see the monks chant holy mantras: it makes a special spiritual feeling. You can also get amazing sights of mountains and valleys. Remember to turn prayer wheels and enjoy peacefulness there too. Certainly, a trip to Lachung Monastery is among the most rewarding activities in North Sikkim.

    5. Explore Yumthang Valley

    Places to visit in Sikkim during Winter

    A place for people who love nature, one of the most beautiful activities to take part in North Sikkim is exploring Yumthang Valley. This place also has another name: “Valley of Flowers.” Covered by Himalayan mountains, Yumthang is a picturesque grazing pasture. In springtime, the valley turns into a colourful carpet made up of wildflowers such as rhododendrons, primulas and poppies.

    You can choose to walk slowly along the Teesta River, see hot springs and view the snow-covered peaks. Sometimes, you will also find yaks eating grass in green meadows. It’s a necessary experience to visit Yumthang Valley because it has unique natural beauty among all things to do in North Sikkim.

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    6. Visit Zero Point

    Zero point, Sikkim

    Exploring Zero Point is one of the extreme things to do in North Sikkim. Placed at an elevation of 15,300 feet, Zero Point symbolizes the final part that can be driven on by vehicles and presents a magnificent sight of snow-covered Himalayas. The adventure towards Zero Point itself is thrilling, with twisty pathways, attractive valleys and roaring waterfalls.

    Upon your arrival at the top, you will encounter a grand sight of mountains like Kanchenjunga, which is ranked third highest globally. Enjoy the breathtaking views, capture some memorable photos and experience an adrenaline boost from being at such high altitude. Surely, going to Zero Point is one of the exciting activities in North Sikkim.

    7. Attend Losar Festival


    Being part of the local culture is a great way to experience North Sikkim, and going to Losar Festival offers an ideal chance. Losar marks the Tibetan New Year and happens during February or March. North Sikkim rejoices in this festival with much excitement, specifically in Lachen and Lachung villages.

    Experience the vibrant traditions, including folk dances, music performances and traditional feasts. The monasteries have beautiful decorations and local people dress up in their best clothes. To enjoy the Losar Festival is a great way to feel the deep cultural heritage. It is certainly one of the most unforgettable things to do in North Sikkim.

    8. Explore Chopta Valley

    Chopta Valley

    For people who love nature, one of the pleasantest activities in North Sikkim is to visit Chopta Valley. Situated close to Lachen, Chopta Valley provides a scenic view encompassed by mountains covered with snow and dense green woods. The valley gets famous for its wonderful rhododendron flowers that blossom in springtime; this turns all around into shades of reds, pinks and purples.

    Travel in the valley by walking, breathe fresh air from the mountains and see beautiful sights. You can also find different kinds of birds or have a picnic in this calm place. Exploring Chopta Valley is very important to do when you are looking for things to do in North Sikkim because it has not been touched by people so it keeps its natural beauty untouched.

    9. Visit Thangu


    Going to Thangu is among the most unconventional things to do in North Sikkim. It is a small village found at a high place, around 13,000 feet above sea level. The uniqueness of Thangu comes from its beautiful views and special plants that grow here only due to such altitude. This settlement offers breathtaking sights with its snowy hills surrounding it; it’s an ideal spot for people who enjoy nature and also those who like taking pictures of scenic beauty.

    Walk around the village, meet and talk with kind people from here to understand their life. Thangu is known for its hot springs too; these are said to have healing powers. Soak in warm water and let your weary muscles rest. To get away from the masses and immerse in the untouched loveliness of North Sikkim, a visit to Thangu is highly recommended.

    10. Trekking in Kanchenjunga National Park

    Kanchenjunga National Park

    For those who love adventure, a trek in the Kanchenjunga National Park is among the most exciting things to do in North Sikkim. The park has within it Mount Kanchenjunga, which is the third highest peak across the globe. In addition, there are many paths for trekking that cater to various levels of expertise. The Goecha La Trek enjoys special popularity; this journey leads you through breathtaking scenery like rhododendron woods, highland pastures and icy lakes.

    The journey shows stunning sights of the Kanchenjunga range and it is a genuine challenge for your stamina. Extraordinary treks are the Dzongri Trek and Green Lake Trek. Going on a trek in Kanchenjunga National Park is an enduring memory, surely one of the best adventures to take part in North Sikkim for all those who love excitement.

    11. Visit Lachung

    Lachung Chu

    Going to Lachung is one of the most interesting things to do in North Sikkim. This beautiful village is famous for its natural beauty, apple orchards and traditional Tibetan culture. Walk around the small village, look at old style wooden houses and talk with kind people there.

    Go to Lachung Monastery. It follows the style of Tibetan architecture and you can join in morning prayers there. Also, visit Yumthang Valley close by which is famous for its scenic beauty as well as natural hot springs. As a starting point, Lachung offers many trekking routes and trips in the North Sikkim area. To summarize, Lachung is an important place to visit for its peaceful and beautiful environment. It also offers a chance to experience the unique culture of North Sikkim.

    12. Visit Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary

    For those who love nature, Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary is a very delightful thing to do in North Sikkim. It’s situated close to Yumthang Valley and has more than 40 different types of rhododendrons.

    This place becomes a heaven for botanists and people who enjoy nature when these flowers are at their best during springtime from April until May – they cover everything with lively colors like red, purple or pink! Go for a calm walk in the sanctuary, look at the beautiful flowers and take in the clean mountain air. Coming to Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary is an experience that delights your senses – it’s surely among the most attractive activities in North Sikkim.

    13. Explore Lachen

    Discovering Lachen is a very pleasing activity in North Sikkim. This lovely village, located high up at 8,838 feet above sea level, is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty and serene ambience. Enjoy walking around the village and appreciate its traditional homes as well as interacting with kind locals.

    Go to Lachen Monastery, a wonderful illustration of Tibetan architectural style and take part in morning prayers. Also, Lachen acts as a starting point for many treks and outings in North Sikkim like the renowned Gurudongmar Lake and Chopta Valley. It is filled with authentic culture and natural beauty that you won’t want to miss when visiting the northern part of Sikkim, making it one of the best things to do there.

    14. Visit Khecheopalri Lake

    To visit Khecheopalri Lake is among the calmest things to do in North Sikkim. This lake holds sacred status, often referred to as the “Wishing Lake,” for it is thought that if someone comes here with a sincere heart, their desires will be fulfilled. The lake rests within towering woods and offers a home to diverse plant life and creatures.

    Go for a gentle walk around the lake. Look at the calm environment and listen to natural noises. You might like to give prayers at a small temple situated close by the lake. Going to Khecheopalri Lake can be good for finding peace within yourself and getting in touch with nature; it’s one of the most refreshing activities in North Sikkim.

    15. Explore Dzongu

    Gonpad Lama's Homestay, Dzongu

    To investigate Dzongu is one of the extremely offbeat things to do in North Sikkim, which is a secluded area that shelters the Lepcha community; these are original inhabitants of Sikkim. The beauty of Dzongu lies in its natural charm, with thick forests, swift flowing rivers and beautiful towns.

    Go on a village tour and engage with the warm Lepcha people, getting to know their special culture and lifestyle. Wander into the nearby forests that are filled with different plants like rare orchids and medicinal herbs, as well as various animals. It is also a good spot for bird observation and angling activities. Discovering Dzongu is an extraordinary and enlightening experience, placing it amongst the most eccentric activities in North Sikkim.

    16. Visit Phodong Monastery

    Phodong Monastery

    To have a deep taste of culture, you can visit Phodong Monastery which is one of the best things to do in North Sikkim. This stunning monastery located near Mangan belongs to the Karma Kagyu sect of Tibetan Buddhism. You will find this place known for its beautiful architecture and complex murals as well as its serene atmosphere. Explore the monastery, enjoying its lovely art and discovering more about Buddhism’s past and teachings.

    Attend morning prayers to see monks chant sacred mantras, making an enchanting spiritual experience. Additionally, Phodong Monastery provides stunning views of mountains and valleys that encircle it. Phodong Monastery: It is a significant spot in North Sikkim where one can take pleasure in the region’s cultural history. This makes it a main attraction amongst the things to do in North Sikkim.

    17. Explore Kabi Lungchok

    Understanding history at Kabi Lungchok is one of the most important things to do in North Sikkim. This little village, which you can find near Phodong Monastery, holds a treaty made between Lepcha and Bhutia communities. In the 13th century they signed the “Treaty of Blood Brotherhood” as a symbol for their unity and friendship.

    Go see the memorial stone, which is an important place to remember this past event and also find out more about the cultural heritage of Sikkim. Kabi Lungchok, besides being a location with deep historical significance, is recognized for its natural beauty. It’s filled with green forests and beautiful landscapes. By discovering Kabi Lungchok you can combine history with nature which makes it one of the most special things to do in North Sikkim.

    18. Visit Mangan

    Checking out Mangan might be one of the less talked about things to do in North Sikkim. It is a small town located at an elevation of 3,950 feet and serves as administrative headquarters for North Sikkim district. Mangan is famous for its serene environment, breathtaking sights of the Himalayas, and vibrant cultural history. Walk around the town, go to markets and engage with kind people living there.

    See places close by like Ringhim Monastery or Singhik View Point which give stunning sights of mountains nearby. Mangan provides an excellent starting point for adventures into other areas of North Sikkim like Dzongu or Lachen. On the list of top things to do in North Sikkim, visiting Mangan allows you to feel the genuine allure of North Sikkim.

    19. Enjoy Yak Safari

    Yak Riding Tips for Beginners

    Having a yak safari is one of the most special and exciting things to experience in North Sikkim. Yaks are very important for the people here, they use them as transport and also for their wool and milk. Go on a yak safari across beautiful areas like Lachung, Yumthang Valley or Chopta Valley in North Sikkim.

    When you are mounted on a yak, moving through the wild paths and stunning scenery is an experience that will stay with you forever. You may go to yak farms as well, where they can teach about yaks and how important they are for the economy and culture here. Taking part in a yak safari gives you the chance to delve into North Sikkim’s distinct customs, making it one of the most daring activities available there.

    20. Indulge in Local

    Taste of Tibet - For Authentic Tibetan Cuisine

    Enjoying the regional food is one of the tastiest things to do in North Sikkim. This area has a special mix of Tibetan, Nepali and Indian tastes that makes its culinary scene unique. You can savor Thukpa here, which is a popular dish consisting of thick noodle soup with vegetables and meat – it’s really good for keeping warm in the chilly mountains!

    You should also eat Momos (these are dumplings), Sel Roti (sweet bread) and Chhurpi (dried yak cheese). You can drink traditional Tibetan butter tea or Tongba, which is fermented millet beer. Enjoying the food from here is a good way to experience the real taste of North Sikkim, making it one of the most satisfying things to do in North Sikkim.

    Bottom Line

    North Sikkim is a real treasure, mixing natural beauty with cultural depth and excitement. From the amazing scenes at Gurudongmar Lake and Yumthang Valley to spiritual feelings in Lachen Monastery or Phodong Monastery, there are many activities you can do here.

    In Kanchenjunga National Park, people who love trekking can discover exciting trails. Those who enjoy nature can explore Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary and Chopta Valley where there are many forests filled with rhododendron flowers. Experiencing the local culture through events like the Losar Festival or by visiting faraway villages such as Lachen and Dzongu will create unforgettable memories. Also, trying out unique experiences such as going on a yak safari or tasting the tasty local food is very much possible.

    North Sikkim, it will win your heart and spirit. You will develop a solid thankfulness for nature’s marvels and the love from its people. Therefore, pack your bags, begin an adventure and expose yourself to the magic this area holds within itself. With numerous things to do in North Sikkim, you might find it difficult choosing among them all while each second spent there becomes a lifelong memory worth treasuring forever.


    1. What is the best time to visit North Sikkim?

    North Sikkim is best visited in the months from April to June and from September to November. This time has good weather, clear skies for viewing the Himalayas. But, areas at high altitudes such as Gurudongmar Lake can be difficult to reach during winter because of heavy snowfall.

    2. Do I need permits to visit North Sikkim?

    Yes, you are correct. For visiting North Sikkim, it is necessary to have special permits. Foreign nationals should get a Protected Area Permit (PAP) and Indian citizens must acquire an Inner Line Permit (ILP). These permits can be secured from either registered travel agencies or the office of Tourism and Civil Aviation Department located in Gangtok.

    3. What should I pack for my trip to North Sikkim?

    For your trip to North Sikkim, remember to bring warm clothes because the temperatures at higher altitudes can be quite low. Take a nice jacket with you, along with wool socks or gloves and a hat if needed. Also pack good trekking shoes that are comfortable for walking in rough terrains; don’t forget sunscreen lotion too as well as sunglasses plus one bottle which can be refilled many times with water inside of it. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the breathtaking landscapes!

    4. What is the best way to reach North Sikkim?

    The top method to go North Sikkim is by road from Gangtok, which serves as the capital of Sikkim. You can rent a taxi or take part in a group tour from Gangtok for places such as Lachen, Lachung and Yumthang Valley. The closest airport is Pakyong Airport about 130 km from Lachen, whereas the closest railway station is New Jalpaiguri in West Bengal and it’s around 180 km away.

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