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    Ranka Monastery Waterfall

    The Thunderous Marvels – Waterfalls in Sikkim

    Tucked away in the embracing arms of the mighty Himalayas lies the picturesque state of Sikkim – one of India’s best hidden secrets. Though small in size, Sikkim overflows with towering snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys, crystalline lakes, ancient monasteries, and cascading waterfalls that will awaken your senses.

    Sikkim’s terrain conceals wondrous treasures, each valley and slope hiding nourishing secrets that only the most daring adventurers can unveil. Follow the melody of the gushing waters to discover over 200 waterfalls strewn across this mystic land, their icy waters beckoning you. Allow yourself to be hypnotized by their rhythmic dance as sparkling currents plunge from staggering heights.

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    Behind milky veils and through rainbow mists lie Sikkim’s magical waterfalls, each with their own legends and charm. Let rocky cliffs at dizzying altitudes take your breath away as shimmering threads of liquid diamonds plummet fiercely into forgotten valleys. Lose yourself in the hidden water-pearls of dense forests, tiny ruby cascades glittering like jewels as sunlight filters through ancient trees.

    Here are some of the best waterfalls in Sikkim that you must visit:

    Seven Sisters Waterfall

    Seven Sisters Waterfalls

    One of the most popular waterfalls in Sikkim, Seven Sisters Waterfall, lies a short 3 km trek away from the small town of Rongli. True to its name, this waterfall consists of seven streams cascading down the mountainside in separate tiers. The streams originate from the same river but break up into seven parts as they make their descent, creating the illusion of seven sisters.

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    The waterfall can be viewed clearly from the viewing platform constructed close by. The rumbling sound of the gushing water serves as perfect background music as one admires the might and beauty of the falls. The trek to the waterfall also treats one to breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys and hills. Visiting hours are from dawn to dusk.

    Bhim Nala Waterfall

    Bhim Nala Falls

    Another waterfall gaining popularity with tourists is Bhim Nala. Located close to Rongli town, it takes a slightly longer 5 km uphill trek through sloping hills and dense forests to reach Bhim Nala. The effort is well worth it as one is rewarded with the sight of water thundering down a steep 90-foot drop into a perfectly calm pool below.

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    Set amidst lush greenery and with the mountains framing it, this waterfall makes for a picture-perfect sight alongside some of the best waterfalls in Sikkim. The pool at the base is safe for swimming during the warmer months. The serenity of Bhim Nala attracts locals and tourists alike who enjoy picnicking on the rocks or simply meditating with the sound of water for company. Dawn to dusk are the recommended visiting hours.

    Jorethang Magpie Waterfall

    Jorethang Magpie Waterfall

    A unique waterfall named after the numerous magpie birds that are found in its vicinity is Jorethang Magpie Waterfall. Nestled amidst the rolling hills of West Sikkim, it is one of the most photographed waterfalls in the state. True to its name, birds can always be seen fluttering about even as a thin silvery stream plunges down a 300-foot-high rocky cliff.

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    The contrast between the dainty, almost delicate waterfall and the formidable cliff it flows down makes for fantastic photos. Since it is located very close to the town of Jorethang, it takes just a short 30-minute uphill trek along a stone paved path lined with handrails to reach it. The falls are at their most magnificent during the monsoon months between June and August, when the waters come gushing down fiercely.

    Rimbi Waterfall

    Cascading Rimbi Waterfall

    For those looking for remote and offbeat waterfalls in Sikkim away from the tourist rush, Rimbi Waterfall makes for an ideal visit. Set amidst untouched forests close to the Rimbi River in East Sikkim, it takes a 4 km downhill trek from the Phadamchen village to reach this secluded waterfall.

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    The sight that awaits makes the effort completely worth it, however. Two streams of the Rimbi River plummet down a deep gorge covered in lush vegetation, merging into a single waterfall further below. Set against the backdrop of rolling green hills, Rimbi has a wild and tropical aura that enthralls nature lovers. Photographers frequent this lesser-known site to capture unique frames showcasing the virgin terrain of Sikkim. The ideal time to visit is during the monsoons between June to September.

    Seven Sister Falls

    Seven Sisters Waterfalls

    A mesmerizing sight awaits at the Seven Sisters Falls in North Sikkim. True to its name, one can see seven separate streams of water cascading down a steep cliff face before converging into one single stream. Located just 32 kilometers from Gangtok, it takes a 30-minute pleasant drive to reach the site. One can clearly make out all seven streams from the viewing platform constructed at the site on this one of the waterfalls in Sikkim.

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    The rumbling sound of water gushing over rocks accompanies the glorious sight. October to June is the best time to visit when the icy streams are infused with melting snow, lending the falls a far more ferocious appeal. With the Kanchenjunga mountains visible in the distance, Seven Sisters Fall is amongst Sikkim’s most scenic waterfalls.

    Bakthang Waterfall

    Bakthang Waterfall

    For those willing to take the offbeat route, a visit to Bakthang Waterfall, located in the northern parts of Sikkim, comes highly recommended. Since it falls along the ancient Silk Route towards the Tibet Border, one has to trek through rugged mountainous terrain to reach it. The 4-kilometer trek starts from the small village of Kabi Lungchok and cuts through dense forests.

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    Along the way, one is treated to sights of exotic Himalayan flowers and birds. Small streams and waterfalls dot the trail, keeping up the interest. Upon reaching Bakthang, a stunning 50-foot high waterfall surrounded by moss-covered rocks reveals itself. Since it is a lesser explored area, chances of spotting rare mountain goats and deer thriving in the vicinity are high as well.

    Bhimkhola Waterfall

    Another hidden natural wonder far removed from Sikkim’s regular tourist spots is the Bhimkhola Waterfall, which is situated close to the remote Dzongu village. It is one of the most popular waterfalls in Sikkim. One has to trek through whispering pine forests interspersed with rhododendron trees and crossed by numerous Himalayan streams to reach this one of the best waterfalls in Sikkim.

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    The sight that finally emerges after the arduous 7-kilometer uphill trek is the 100-foot-high Bhimkhola Waterfall. Set amidst virgin terrain with snow-capped mountains framing the background, it is a treat for sore eyes. The pool formed at the base is shallow enough for adventure seekers to take a rejuvenating dip. Photographers frequent this site to capture Sikkim’s pristine natural beauty at its best.

    Ranka Monastery Waterfall

    Ranka Monastery Waterfall

    An unusual waterfall flows right through the Ranka Monastery premises located 20 kilometers from Gangtok. Walk through the monastery gates, and one can see a thin silvery stream flowing down a rocky 100-foot drop right through the forested area. When standing beneath it near the pool formed at the base, one might just get a slight sprinkling from its icy cold waters as well.

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    This one of the waterfalls in Sikkim is frequented by both tourists and locals mesmerized by the sight of torrents of water flowing through sacred land. One can even light a lamp and offer prayers at the small shrine present here. Visiting hours coincide with monastery opening hours from dawn to dusk. Winter is the best time to catch a glimpse of the waters freezing into long silvery icicles.

    Kabi Falls

    Kabi Falls

    Kabi Falls holds great historical significance, being situated near the ancient Kabi Lungstok, where a pact of blood brotherhood was signed between the Lepcha chieftains and the Bhutias. The falls themselves are a sight to behold as the waters of the Pemayangtse River gush through boulder-strewn terrain before dropping 30 feet into a clear pool below.

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    Set amidst the dense forests of North Sikkim, there is an aura of tranquility surrounding the falls, further enhanced by the low, rumbling drone of the waters. The falls are at their fullest glory during the monsoon months. The pool at the base is safe for swimming for those wanting to combine some adventure with sightseeing. And for those interested in history, ancient lingams belonging to the 10th century have been discovered in caves close to the falls.

    Khanchendzonga Waterfalls

    Khanchendzonga Waterfalls

    Perched at the staggering height of 15,300 feet above sea level and accessible only by an arduous 8 km trek lies the Khanchendzonga Waterfalls. Located below the Khanchendzonga base camp, the moment it plunges down the rocky terrain, the water breaks up into five separate streams. Trekkers aiming for the base camp make it a point to halt at this unique waterfall.

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    The sight of icy water cascading down from such altitude into multiple streams is truly a breathtaking vision. The deafening roar of the falls, combined with the panoramic views of the surrounding snow-clad mountains, creates an unworldly atmosphere. Trekkers have often sighted endangered red pandas in the vicinity as well. June to mid-October are ideal for both trekking up to it and getting the best views.


    Be it mighty high-altitude ones or modest cascades inherent to tropical terrain, Sikkim’s waterfalls encompass all kinds. Thunderous giants and delicate ribbons of water gushing through sacred or wilderness zones all make for unique experiences. The common thread binding them is their breathtaking beauty unmatched anywhere else. Let the waterfalls in Sikkim weave their magic and captivate your senses when you next visit the Northeast’s crowning jewel.

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