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    Places to visit in Sikkim in March

    Want an escape to a wonderland when the weather is most beautiful and nature’s bounties blossom everywhere! Want some exclusive photos for your travel blogs, want to see the mighty Khangchendzonga, want to be in the lap of nature away from the crowd, want to witness a perfect blend of man-made wonders and natural exoticism — Sikkim is the place. And when to visit Sikkim other than the spring month of March.

    Let us take you on a Sikkim adventure with our bespoke Sikkim Tour Packages.

    Sikkim in March will offer tranquillity and peace that you have never imagined. A convenient travel and cosy places to stay, sumptuous food options and wandering around among warm and friendly people who would cater to all your needs. A vacation within budget and tailored to churn out maximum from the vacay, Sikkim is paradise in every sense of the word.

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    Sikkim weather in March

    The weather in Sikkim in March is pleasant, and breezy all throughout. There is enough sunshine and the clouds float about with a hint of nip in the air. Late nights and early mornings would be fairly cold and warm clothes need to be carried.

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    Best Experience for Sikkim in March

    Sikkim in March can have plenty of memorable moments created that will be cherished forever. Add some unique experiences to your holiday list so that you can have an exciting time in Sikkim.

    1. Spend a leisurely evening in MG Road, Gangtok

    MG Marg

    There’s nothing like a serene and leisurely walk down the MG Road which at times is bustling with crowds and at times very peaceful and quiet. Enjoy the breath-taking sights of the blue mountains standing in silence at a distance. Hold your breath as you breathe in the freshness of mountain air. An early morning hike to this place will unfold a quiet and peaceful local scene where you can see the daily commuters going about their respective chores of the day. Blue smoke rising out of the distant houses on the staggering slopes and mixing with the misty hills beyond. Men and women setting up their shops, cleaning and arranging things. People huddled together in some corner or the other sipping their morning cup of tea. Make sure you cover yourself with warm woollens as the air can have a bit of chill at this time. A glint of sunrise will wash out the haze of the morning and you will have a wonderful start to a day of your vacation in Sikkim.

    An evening walk will upfold a completely different picture. People crowd and throng the MG Road street to buy the best souvenirs to carry back home. They sieve through the woollens sold by the Bhutias to get what they love most. Trinkets, showpieces, memorabilia of all shapes and sizes, colours and textures are available here. Bargain to the best of your ability to get the finest deals. Return to your hotel satisfied. In your evening stroll, you can also pick up your favourite liquor from one of the several shops to relax. Go shopping for a travel agent too, if you are trying to plan for some next day sightseeing or visiting the nearby places. Take photographs and selfies. Choose from the innumerable eateries and restaurants lined up to taste the local cuisine or walk in for a sumptuous dinner in one. Feel the vibe of Gangtok here at MG Road.

    2. Yak ride in Changu Lake

    Yak ride in Changu Lake

    Changu Lake, as it is popularly known, is formally also known as Tsomgo Lake is an exotic destination to be covered in Sikkim sightseeing tour. It offers its visitors an offbeat experience that you can cherish while enjoying a vacation in the state of Sikkim. One very entertaining activity that you can indulge in here apart from enjoying the brilliance of pristine natural beauty is to have a joyful ride on a Yak. Yak are quite gentle animals and make for an enjoyable safari for the young and old around the adjacent area of the lake. The charges per ride ranges from INR 40 to INR 100. A yak would make for some very pretty pictures. As you ride, take in the beauty of the silver firs and gorgeous pines that cover the area around the lake, the frozen feel of the glacial lake, and stare in awe at the colour of water. It is said that the shade of water changes from sapphire blue in the spring season to a dark inky green in winters. In the monsoons, enigmatic blue mist engulfs the lake and adds to its enchantment.

    But the actual excitement comes with spring in March and April when suddenly the lake region comes to life with a brilliant medley of flowers blooming at a gush. The chirp of birds such as rose finches, yellow-bellied fantail flycatchers, golden eagles and other migratory feathered creatures such as tufted pochards, brown-headed gulls and the famed Brahminy ducks bring in a burst of life. Exotic and unique wildlife attracts curious minds, and you might just come across musk deer, gorals or a rarest of rare red pandas within the Tsomgo premises. The very lucky ones have also spotted leopards and Himalayan black bears in this region.

    3. Respond to the allure of Rabdentse Ruins

    The mystical Rabdentse Ruins

    If you are interested in history and culture and wish to explore the precious myths of the past traditions of Sikkim and how it all came into being, a walk into the Rabdentse Ruins will definitely work for you. An intriguing tourist destination of Sikkim satisfies both your curiosity and hunger for knowledge. The approach road takes you through an enjoyable 15-minute trek through verdant forest cover past a crystal clear lake till you reach the fascinating ruins.

    Each brick and each structure of the ruin will have a story to share with you. The ancient sagas will transport you centuries back to the time when Phuntsog Namgyal who was the first Chogyal or King of Sikkim was made to sit on the throne as the king of Sikkim at Yuksom. It will also relate the plots of war for succession and struggle, fights, usurping power and evictions. The story of Chador Namgyal fleeing his kingdom and staying in exile for a decade before returning back to Sikkim to claim back his throne is no less than a movie plot that never fails to intrigue.

    4. Offer your prayers at Ravangla Buddha Park

    Buddha Park of Ravangla

    Ravangla Buddha Park is known to attract a huge crowd every year and came to be identified as a spiritual hub and an important tourist destination of Sikkim trip. Get your peace of mind and calmly meditate in some secluded corner of the park. Participating in the prayers that take place within the complex is a privilege and calls for a unique experience. It is believed to help devotees attain knowledge and spiritual enlightenment. There are exclusive meditation facilities available within the complex. The ambience of the park will make you feel close to nature and the gorgeous statue of Skyamuni Buddha will fill you with joy and beauty. Entry price of a minimal amount INR 50 per person is charged and the park is open from 9 am to 6 pm in the evening. Keeping in mind the essence of religious sentiments, it is best to wear traditional and a bit conservative clothes while visiting any monastery or such religious places.

    5. Catch the First Rays of Dawn Across Khangchendzonga

    Khangchendzonga National Park

    Start the day with a surreal show of sunrise over the mystic mountains. The splendour of a glorious sunrise at Kanchenjunga is bound to be a treasured memory through your lifetime. The moment with sun comes up in all its majesty to wake the world from its sleep is a blissful occasion. And when seen under the kaleidoscope of blue hills, smoky valleys, and fluffy clouds shrouding the very high mountain peaks, it becomes all the more beautiful to human eyes. March is the season of spring, when skies across Sikkim remain relatively clear and offers you peaceful and picturesque sunrise moments for your life’s album. Watch the sky changing to crimson from dark inky blue and then to faded orange till the sunlight beams across in full glory and spreads a bright yellow across the blue skies.

    Watch the snow-bound peaks reflect the crimson glow and create a heavenly magic on earth.
    This is the moment for many photographers to catch the beauty of Khangchendzonga. Watch the sunset with your family and friends and eternalise the moments forever in your heart.

    6. My Accommodation In Sikkim

    Treebo Trend the Nettle and Fern Hotel

    Sikkim offers a wide range of hotels and accommodations across all its important towns and Samrat Residency in Gangtok is one of them. It offers a fantastic view of the lazy valley spread below. The rooms are comfortable and spacious. Details like extra blankets to stay warm in case the atmosphere feels and clean beds and pillows serve the basic purposes. The washrooms are clean with hot water facility in the morning. Courteous and polite staff offering their services in a timely manner and least language barrier will make your stay conformable in these budget hotels anywhere in Sikkim.

    7. Food In Sikkim

    Food In Sikkim

    In Gangtok, the restaurant Taste of Tibet, located on MG Marg is quite popular and sees a crowd of guests from morning till night. The prices are affordable and the food dishes they serve are delicious and fresh. You can also check out reviews of the restaurants you choose to grab a meal. Also the amount served is quite satisfactory. Similarly, The Elgin Mount Pandim in Pelling is good to grab a bite and be happy. The price might be a bit on the higher side, but the beautiful ambience will compensate for the money paid. Enjoy, relax with your food, grab an outdoor seat and make the most of your Sikkim vacation in March.

    Anywhere in Sikkim, roadside momos are a dish to die for. These juicy balls of delight can be your breakfast, lunch or dinner. People do hog on a lot of momos, dumplings and dimsums in Sikkim tours. Food options are varied to cater to all veg, vegan and non-veg taste buds. Try the variety of Korean, Chinese, Tibetan and Nepalese signature dishes at roadside stalls and plush restaurants to have the best of both the worlds and you won’t be ever disappointed.

    8. Shop till you drop in Sikkim

    Shop till you drop in Sikkim

    There are small quaint stalls selling various knick-knacks in almost every tourist destination that you will visit throughout Gangtok. The remote towns might not be having that many stalls as Gangtok. Other than that MG Road is lined with innumerable shops where items might be a bit more expensive but you will be able to see and choose from a wide array of commodities as the shopkeepers stock a lot of the same type of products. Buy souvenirs and gift items for family and friends to eternalise the trip and carry back fond memories. Fridge magnets are hot selling items here. You can also pick from a lot of fancy prayer wheels, wind chimes, dream catchers, showpieces, clothing and hair accessories, junk jewellery and exquisite carved items to decorate your house.

    9. How To Reach Sikkim

    How To Reach Sikkim

    By air, it is an easy flight ride to Bagdogra from any other major cities of India. Pick up service can be arranged from the airport by prior booking your travel agent or on the spot after reaching. Hired taxi services are quite easily available and rates are more or less fixed. Even hotels provide pick up and drop from and to the airport, respectively. By train, you have to reach the New Jalpaiguri Station and then proceed further via hired taxi. Self-driven cars are also much in vogue. But you need to take a very good note of the places which are extremely high altitude and very close to the Indo-China border, where either you need to take permits or reach by hired taxis.

    Travel Tips for Sikkim Tour in March

    • Travel light but don’t forget your woollens.
    • Carry medicines and basic first aid kit.
    • Also, keep in your bag some medication for motion sickness since the roads can be very winding at some places.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the weather like in Sikkim in March?

    The weather in Sikkim in March is pleasant and breezy with bright sunshine. While the nights and mornings are a little cold. The afternoons have ample sunshine and will make your sightseeing a pleasant experience.

    What is the temperature in Sikkim in March?

    Temperatures in Sikkim in March range from 5°C to 20°C in Gangtok. And for other places depending on altitude the temperature will vary. March is the month of the start of tourist season in Sikkim with the lure of the spectacular International Flower Festival. Even generally the mountain slopes look enticing with fresh spring blooms.

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