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    Captivating South Sikkim: A Paradise for Travelers

    For someone who wants to see absolute natural beauty, South Sikkim is a treasured gem. It is filled with captivating natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. From UNESCO World Heritage sites to ancient monasteries to exotic flora and fauna, South Sikkim has something to offer every type of traveler. With its alluring valleys adorned with wildflowers, mystic caves dripping in stalactites, thundering waterfalls plunging into emerald pools, and hilltop viewpoints offering sweeping vistas of Kanchenjunga, the third-highest peak in the world, South Sikkim casts an irresistible spell.

    With its laidback ambiance, friendly locals, delightful cuisine, and breathtaking natural bounty, South Sikkim is certainly a must-visit destination. Here is a round-up of the top attractions and things to do in South Sikkim for an extraordinary vacation:

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    Introducing South Sikkim Tourism

    Imagine waking up to the sight of mighty Himalayan peaks painted gold by the rising sun. Or wandering through hidden monasteries swathed in incense, prayer flags fluttering in the mountain breeze. How about dancing alongside locals dressed in vivid silks and chunky jewels at a remote village festival?

    In South Sikkim, all this and more is possible on a vacation that brings you up, close and personal with nature and culture alike. Comprising destinations like the tranquil hill-town of Namchi, vibrant Ravangla, remote Borong by the China border and the flower-filled Yumthang Valley, South Sikkim spoils you for choice. Whether you wish to gaze at Kanchenjunga over steaming mugs of tea at Temi Gardens, bathe in Borong’s hot springs under starry skies or walk alongside grazing yaks at 15,000 ft high mountain passes, adventure beckons everywhere.

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    Top 5 Destinations to Visit in South Sikkim


    Buddha Park of Ravangla

    Can mountains meditate? Surrounded by the craggy Himalayan Pillars at 7,000 feet, it seems Ravangla’s sublime summits are locked in eternal contemplation. Backdropped by peaks like Sinlolchu and Maenam, the Tathagata Tsal here soars as one of Asia’s tallest Lord Buddha statues peering across misty hills. No wonder people flock here just to pinch themselves if this is a dream. Meander up the stepped pathways leading through quiet woods draped with prayer flags where crimson-robed monks bend in prayer.

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    Gigantic Guru Rinpoche of Samdruptse Hill

    Namchi is the cultural capital of South Sikkim, famed for its unique pilgrimage sites and magnificent views. The town derives its name from ‘Namchi,’ meaning ‘Sky High,’ and true to its name, this charming place is perched high at an altitude of 5,500 ft, offering sweeping vistas of snow-capped peaks. Major attractions include an iconic statue of Guru Padmasambhava at Samdruptse Hill, Tendong Hill, extensively mythologized in Lepcha folklore, and the lush gardens of Siddheshwar Dham, making Namchi one of the most visited places in South Sikkim.

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    Therapeutic Borong Hot Springs

    At the very edge of the Restricted Area Permit near the Indo-China border, Borong is an offbeat destination tucked far away from the tourist rush. Enveloped in tranquillity with local villages scattered across, Borong is famed for its rejuvenating natural hot springs, which are touted to have medicinal properties. With permits now more easily available, Borong is an ideal place for long nature walks, appreciating the unadulterated beauty. Do carry your permit and camera, as Borong offers exclusive views of Mt. Khangchendzonga from a relatively lower altitude.


    Yumthang Valley of Flowers

    Dubbed the ‘Valley of Flowers’, Yumthang is surely one of the most gorgeous places to see in South Sikkim, famous for its sprawling meadows carpeted with vibrant flowers, especially rhododendrons, primulas, and poppies. Located close to the China border and cradled in the lofty Himalayas, Yumthang charms with its placid environs, colorful flower beds, emerald rivers, scenic trekking trails, and hot springs, making it the quintessential Himalayan retreat. Visit from March to mid-June to experience full-bloom glory.

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    Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary

    Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary

    Sprawling over 35 sq km amidst the Himalayan foothills, the Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary is a hidden natural gem of South Sikkim, home to exotic flora and fauna. Lush forest dotted with towering trees harbors wildlife like Himalayan Black Bears, Leopard Cats, Sloth Bears, and barking deer, among many others. This is one of the popular things to do in South Sikkim tourism. Several species of rare medicinal herbs, as well as beautiful birds and butterflies, can also be spotted. With numerous trekking trails, bird hides, and watch towers, wildlife spotting opportunities abound, especially for enthusiastic shutterbugs.

    Top 5 Things to Do on South Sikkim Tourism

    Enjoy Panoramic Views from Temi Tea Garden

    Temi Tea Garden

    Perched at an altitude of 6000 ft and spread across a vast area, Temi Tea Garden is not only the sole tea estate in Sikkim but also offers uninterrupted views of Mt. Khangchendzonga ranges. Visitors can tour the lush verdant tea plantation and also sample freshly brewed ginger-lemon tea at the Cherry Tree restaurant set amidst sprawling lawns against scenic vistas.

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    Camp under twinkling stars at Borong

    Camp under twinkling stars at Borong

    With permits being more convenient now, Borong is emerging as a great place for camping adventures in Sikkim. Pitch a tent at the designated camping site here and enjoy stunning views of peaks, gurgling waterfalls, and sparkling Hot Springs under a clear, starry night sky. Disconnect from routine life while reconnecting with nature. Nighttime views of the illuminated Indo-China border are also quite a surreal sight.

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    Go birdwatching in the Shanti Forests

    Kitam Bird Sanctuary

    Lush Shanti forests near Borong offer great birdwatching opportunities with sightings of rare birds like the Red Crossbill, Brown cheeked Fulveta, Plain Flowerpecker, Wood Snipe, Black-billed Magpie, and more amidst thick foliage pierced with shafts of sunlight. With a forest guide, amateur birders can also spot beautiful butterflies, glimpse wild animals, and appreciate flowering plants and medicinal herbs.

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    Attend a local festival

    Wangala Festival

    To soak in the vibrant culture of South Sikkim, attending any of the colorful festivals is a must. Major festivals are Pang Lhabsol, Hanuman Tok Flower Festival, Guru Rimpoche Festival, and Maghe Purne, showcasing traditional dance performances, interesting rituals, cuisine, and more, giving a peek into Sikkim’s heritage. Interacting with locals dressed in traditional attire makes for a memorable experience. This will ensure that you get the best experience from South Sikkim tourism.

    Shop for Local Souvenirs

    MG Marg

    From exotic silk scarves to wooden masks to Thangka paintings, South Sikkim offers great shopping opportunities, especially in bustling towns like Ravangla and Namchi. Pick up wooden dragon masks, as they are an important part of most traditional dances. Shop for thankas, which are Buddhist paintings done on canvas scrolls depicting religious imagery also found in monasteries. Scraps with Bhutia patterns make great gifts, too.

    Top 5 Tips to Make the Most of South Sikkim Tourism

    Darjeeling Rangit Valley Ropeway

    Obtain an Inner Line Permit beforehand

    Sikkim mandates a special Inner Line Permit for entry, which needs to be obtained by foreigners as well as Indians before visiting Sikkim. Plan this ahead of time to avoid any last-minute hassles. Foreign nationals also need Restricted Area Permits for certain destinations near the Indo-China border, like Borong, and always carry both permits.

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    Use Local Transportation

    Given South Sikkim’s hilly terrain, using sturdy local transportation like Sumo vehicles, jeeps, or taxis is more suitable than taking your own vehicle. They are well acquainted with roads, ensuring smoother commuting while also reducing your carbon footprint. Explore the beauty without worrying about routes and parking.

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    Carry Enough Warm Clothes

    As South Sikkim has pleasant weather most of the year, carry adequate warm woolen layers, mufflers, and shawls, along with good trekking/walking shoes. Temperatures can dip sharply in the evenings and early mornings, even in summer, and get quite cold in winter, especially with morning mist. So pack wisely.

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    Try Local Cuisine

    Do try out authentic Sikkimese cuisine, including interesting dishes like Satlyo made of bamboo shoots, Gundruk fermented greens stew, Saelroti ring bread, and Chhurpi dried cheese. Having local food must be on your list to get the best out of South Sikkim tourism. Momos, Thukpa, and Sha Phaley are other delights, along with unique Lepcha liquors. Pick up packaged products like squash, pickles, teas, and more as food souvenirs.

    Respect the Environment

    As a responsible traveler, strictly adhere to environmental guidelines, especially when trekking. Avoid littering, respect wildlife habitats by not creating noise pollution, and reduce plastic usage. South Sikkim’s ecological riches need preservation for sustainability. Travel with an eco-conscious outlook for a guilt-free holiday.

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    Common Mistakes to Avoid in South Sikkim

    Hit the Road for an Incredible Winter Driving Adventure

    Skipping Permits

    Not carrying valid permits issued by the South Sikkim Tourism Office can land you in serious trouble, so strictly avoid this mistake. Permits may take 2-3 working days to process, so factor this into your schedule. Foreign nationals also need additional permits for certain destinations like Tsomgo Lake, Nathula Pass, and more.

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    Not booking Accommodation in Advance

    Given the rising tourist footfall in South Sikkim, advance hotel booking is a must to avoid last-minute hassles, especially during festivals and peak seasons when tariffs also spike up massively. Luxury options get sold out fast, so lock in your booking beforehand through travel portals.

    Overpacking Luggage

    Often, in the excitement of holidays, tourists end up carrying a lot of extra luggage, which is a cardinal mistake in hilly terrains. Pack minimal, focusing more on essential layers, comfortable shoes, utilities, and medications rather than too many clothes. Anything extra needed can be picked up locally, too.

    Not Carrying Medications

    Due to sudden weather changes, altitudes, and long sightseeing schedules, carrying basic medications is a must. Have motion sickness pills, ORS packets, painkillers, anti-allergy tablets, etc, along with prescribed medicines, if any. South Sikkim has quality hospitals, but being prepared with a medical kit helps.

    Not researching Well Beforehand

    To maximize your South Sikkim experience, read up well about the place, culture, permits, weather, etc, beforehand, even if visiting via a tour package. This helps in customizing your personal itinerary, managing time better, interacting well with locals, and elevating the overall trip. Research unknown food items before ordering, too.

    Final words

    Go for South Sikkim tourism to get a rustic warmth with an incredible getaway. Let your senses soak in the sights of magnificent mountains amid meadows swathed in wild blossoms, enjoy regional cuisine overlooking misty valleys, partake in heritage festivals, and bring back a tiny part of Sikkim’s eternal magic.

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